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Agreed. There's probably little noticable difference EXCEPT inder tree cover, but it is fun to analize anyway. Other internal parts also make a big difference. Here's how I rate them from what I've read.

1. Garmin V

2. Map76 / MapIIIplus

3. Garmin 12

4. Any Etrex


I don't know a darn thing about the Megellans other then they all have the quad helix antenna.



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Originally posted by Geoffrey:

Antenna is a problem on the GPS Map76, it has to be as close to vertical as possible


That has not been my experience. I often lay my GPS 76 on the dashboard of my car, at about a 15 degree angle from horizontal and it works fine in that orientation. I think one of the reasons reception may decline with any GPS unit held horizontal is that it may be held lower and signals are blocked by the person's head and body.




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