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Turning off AutoRouting Data... downloading CitySelect to 76S?

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I have Mapsource 4.10.2 Beta and City Select 4.01.


I would like to download the city select data to my 76S sans the AutoRouting data.


I have searched for how to turn off the autorouting to save memory for downloads, but I've struck out.


I've read about looking under the transfer tab of edit preferences, but there's no relevant boxes for me to check.


Has MapSouce 4.10 eliminated the check boxes others refer to?


The only spot I see any mention of turning routing data on or off is under the USB tab once you select download. There's a Serial and a USB tab. Obviously, I am downloading Serial to a 76S, so does it do any good if I turn off autorouting on the USB tab?


I feel like I am rambling way too much, so, I'll stop here and see if anyone can interpret my mess.....


"Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

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Go get 4.10.3 beta. They were trying to be cute and put the "no autorouting data" box on the USB tab, because USB connections dont tell mapsource what type of GPSR you have. But in doing so they upset the folks that use that checkbox with their serial GPSR's. in the .3 beta they moved it back to the main window so its available for both serial and USB tabs.


Logicly, if i understand mapsource right (I may not) Mapsource should be able to figure out your 76S, connected via serial port, does not support autorouting and automatically not download the data. But im not sure it does.


While your at it, woudl you mind senting Garmin an email asking for a identical type of check box to eliminate the POI data from the download? I, and others hardly ever use the huge POI data, and would rather have the space available for more maps and such. If garmin hears this from enough people maybe they will impliment it.



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