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USAPhotoMaps Website Down?

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Anybody know why the USAPhotoMaps website is down? www.jdmcox.com I'm getting a "you have reached the future home of jdmcox.com" error. Has the website moved or just gone away altogether or is this a glitch in the DNS? If so, anybody happen to have the straight IP address?


We love this program. Recently I went on an endurance horse ride, used my GPS, and created a JPG satellite photo with the track from the ride overlaid on it. Then I sent it off to several friends that just loved it and wanted to know the program. But the site is down!


Thanks for any info.



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I think everyone agrees, it is a very useful program, and the price is very fair! I hope everyone has coughed up a little cash to send him for his effort to give and maintain this program!


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