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Battery Voltages- Alkaline vs NiMH, et. al.

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1.2 volts is normal. My understanding is that like Ni-Cad they tend to run at close to the rated voltage and then quickly drop off just before they die. Nearly all electronic devices default to predicting the curve of a Alkaline battery which has a slow and steady decline in voltage output as they wear out. Some devices, like Palm Pilots, you can set the type of batteries you have placed inside. With that done the device will do a much better job of showing battery life.


You can manually adjust for this by expecting to be at around a half charge for a long, long time. As soon as you see it start to drop below that you know you only have a small amount time left on that set of batteries, even though the device may be saying you have several hours remaining.

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Originally posted by Marc G.:

I read a post recently where a guy didn't get good longevity out of his new rechargables until he cycled them several times. I need to check these things in my III+ and read the voltage meter.


not sure if you were asking me...


but yep, they're fully charged and been cycled about a dozen times (they are /or were/ in our digital camera we bought at christmas...

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Basically, if you're using NiMH in a MAP 330, just ignore (mostly) the battery meter. When it drops below 20% or so, it's about time to change the batteries, but above that, just count it as nearly full. (Just keep a spare pair of AAs in your pocket, and you'll be fine.)

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