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Military using GPS in Mideast

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I saw a piece with Diane Sawyer on a morning talkshow (Today or Good Morning America, they both look the same to me) yesterday (2/7/03) that was showing off some of the militray hardware the troops are using, including mobile command centers, gasmasks, etc. One thing was mentioned is that every soldier is carrying a gps, and the model they showed them using was a Magellan Sportrak Map.


I got that same model for Christmas, and find it to be the best thing ever. I bet the military has all the streets in Iraq plugged into the memory of those things.


The Marauders

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My guess would be that the units they’re issuing to the masses are basic off the shelf units, provided for general reference, undoubtedly purchased via contract to the lowest bidder. The units used for targeting etc. will of course be military units with decrypting ability for the appropriate military freqs. Several years back, when I deployed to that region, Garmin 12’s were the units we were issued for general purposes. Most people though had to purchase and bring their own receivers. Takes awhile, but it looks as if things are improving.


For what it’s worth



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I'm retired USAF Security Forces commander. Our mission was to deploy a distance away from a base to set up ambush, gather intel, and repel Level 1 and some degree of Level 2 attacks. It was a light infantry of the USAF role. We played with the GPS quite a bit and with some interesting people. The military GPS is referred to as a PLUGGER. In the uncoded setting it was a bit more accurate than some of the better handheld civilian models today. In the coded setting it was amazing. How amazing? During desert training in the NV desert we'd play a game where there would be .30 cal ammo can hidden in the desert several kilometers apart. We would be given the coord and have to move tactically at night to find the can. In the dark of night, with absolutely no light, when it was coded you would actually step right on the can. It was that accurate. There were things that attached to the PLUGGER for calling in fire that, several years ago when I was in, would have been considered Buck Rogers stuff back then had they been made public. Pretty kewl stuff.

We were doing geocaching before we knew what it was.

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Back in 1992, we used these trimble units that looked like they could be mounted into a vehicle of some sort. We had a civilian model (brown) for finding our archaeological sites, but we were given loan of a SLUGGER, which was green. That baby was accurate as they came then, but they had a PAD? system to help rectify locations. Those units were heavy too, because of the big batteries.


My Sportrack is much lighter in the pack...


The Marauders

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