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How to hook Palm to etrex? Help

Guest leskowitz
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Guest leskowitz

All I want to do is hook my Palm Vx to my etrex. I have researching this for a while and it appears no one sells such a cable, unless the website is in German or French or something about pledging. I know there are cables to go to gps to pc, and palm to pc, where are the cables to go from gps to palm?


Question #1

Where do I find such a product, or the pieces to make such a product?


Question #2

What software are you using?


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The best way I found to make a GPS cable for a Palm is by using a hotsync cable from Palm and then "pledge" for one of the Pfranc Garmin connectors. I have bought connector for Pfranc on three occations and have been very pleased with the connectors and the service. Check out there website:




No I have nothing to do with this group but I am a satisfied customer. Take the hotsync cable cut of the nine pin RS-232 connector off and put your Garmin connector on. You should be able to find the wire diagram out there on the web somewhere.


I also found this niffty little adapter that allows you to connect a PDA to eTrex/eMap series Garmin GPS.




The home page is:




Hope this helped.



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When I had a II+ and wanted maps I used Place Trace from Optimal Vector (http://www.optimalvector.com/). It was far from the best but given the limited memory of my old Palm Personal I like it. It lets you pick the amount of data that gets downloaded to your palm.


Also check out Dales Palm software page he has covered nearly all of the software out there. http://celia.mehaffey.com/dale/pilotgps.htm


Hope this helps.



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Guest Rubberhead

It seems like it would be easier to make a patch DB9 cable that simply passes through the signal ground (pin 5) and flip-flops the Snd and Rcv (pins 2 & 3).


If you do this you still have the Palm to PC cable and the Garmin to PC cables intact.

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Guest jonthomp

The easiest way to connect palms and a GPS unit is to find a 9 pin serial null modem adapter at your local electronic or computer store. This connecter lets you connect a palm hotsync cable and the GPS-to-pc cable togather. It also takes care of crossing over the input of one cable to the output of the other. I've had great luck using this combo with Solus pro palm mapping software.

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