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Some deals from amazon.com

Guest BigDoggie

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Guest BigDoggie

I have done some research on GPS pricing, and just placed my order with amazon.com. Here are some reasons why:


Decent prices to start with, usually a few $$$ more than WalMart b&m (brick and mortar stores) prices.


5% of purchase is a donation to geocache.com, if you go to the amazon page using the link on the geocache.com home page.


No sales tax on most orders, saving you 5% - 9% off b&m prices


Free shipping, so that shipping costs don't eat into your savings.


And you can almost always find a $10 discount coupon for amazon, reducing the price even more.


Bottom line, you get the GPS for about $10 less from amazon.


Current coupons:


Get $10 off $65 purchase

Code: DSCVERCCJULY Expires on: 9/30/2001


$10 off $70

code DEALJULYSALE - expires July 17


$10 off $60

code HTMALEMALAMZ - expires July 18


$10 off $75

code AMZNDSVRCARD - expires July 31


$15 off $100

code AMZNAMEXBMVD - expires September 30


$10 off on $25 purchase.

Code HARRYPTTRSPC. Expires on 8/1/00.


If these are expired, go to the www.google.com search engine and search for AMAZON.COM COUPONS. There are hundreds of sites that list amazon coupons.


NOTE: I have no connection with amazon.com other than being a satisfied repeat customer.


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Guest abreuma

I don't want to start a mess here but...


"No sales tax" may not be true for everyone. In NC, USA for example their state income tax tries to collect every year. Keep receipts or assume some percentage of your income.


I also noticed that Amazon seemed to be a few bucks more than the local Walmart on a few things I looked at. I would gladly spend the money locally rather than via the internet in this case - to support the local economy.


Mt 2 cents.

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Guest BigDoggie

>Amazon seemed to be a few bucks more than the local Walmart


True... in fact, I said so in my original post... but that is BEFORE you deduct the sales tax and the $10 coupon, which usually changes the bottom line.


And don't forget the 5% that goes to support the GeoCache site...



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Guest jeremy

ir local stores than purchase from the web site. It's just that if people decide to buy from Amazon (through the link) then I get the commission, but that's cool.


I go for those coupons as well. Sometimes it's a lot more convenient to go through Amazon, especially for more specialty items like eTrex bike attachments.



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Guest Exocet

Not to raise a ruckus, but the difference between the local WalMart and the "distant" Amazon.com is basically zilch. WalMart, in my experience, is about as community-oriented as your local McDonalds.


WalMart's interest, first and foremost, is the same as mickey d's, Home Depot's and all the other massive chains: eliminate the little (more personable) retailer with minimal markup on popular items and mark the hell out of stuff like cables (accessories).


If you really care about helping out your local economy AND making the most of your money, I suggest you visit your local sporting goods shop. Most likely the people there *are* going to know something about that GPS you're thinking of buying. Where, as people in the forums have pointed out, the WalMart clerk is lucky to know what GPS stands for, much less the real difference between the basic etrex and the magellen 310 or whatever.


Although the price probably is not going to be as low as WalMart's, you're paying extra to get personable, knowledgable service. You're paying to keep a local merchant in business who probably cares more about his or her business, community and the outdoors than the local WalMart could ever pretend to do.


And, of course, your milage may vary. .

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Guest Jebediah

I've never found a 'local sporting goods store' clerk with any more GPS knowledge than the Wal-Mart people. There are some specialty shops that are exceptions, but they weren't always numerous or convenient. The Internet has changed all that. Small businessmen looking ahead now have cyber stores. Surveying, geology, marine, backpacking, mountaineering, military-related, etc., you name it. Some of them with unique perspectives on GPS gear and some very good prices. I don't see many local merchants anymore with cute little shops, I see eyesore strip shopping centers and malls staffed with parttime help. I say leave the malls to the tourists, save gas & money, reduce pollution and let the UPS man do the driving.

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Guest BigDoggie

I actually went to my local WalMart. First, the sporting goods dept was deserted. After waiting a while, I ended up using the phone on their counter to call the operator and request that she page a clerk. The responder, wearing an asst mgr tag, knew nothing about the units, couldn't find the key to the showcase, and couldn't even say if they carried accessories like cables and protective cases.


I left in disgust, and learned more on the Internet in 10 minutes than I had in 45 minutes of driving, parking, walking, and waiting for Walmart.

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Guest Peter Scholtz

Amazon claims it can't ship to my address in South Africa (Sorry Jeremy!):


*** We're sorry. This item cannot be shipped to your selected destination. You may change the shipping address above to an eligible address. Or you may delete the item from your order--just change the quantity to 0 and click the Update button below. ***


Something about electronics and outdoor stuff only shipped to locations within the US.


I want a GPSMAP 76! Guess I'll have to contact the local Garmin importers. Our local shops stock mainly Etrex's.



Peter Scholtz


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