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Magellan SporTrak Map and downloading

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I think I misssed something. Can I only use Magellan MapSend with the SporTrak Map? It doesn't really make that clear on the packaging. it doesn't really even address downloading much at all. All I want to do right now is to download the waypoints from geocache's sight. I downloaded the EasyGPS program. BUT my laptop doesn't have a 9-pin connector so I had to add a USB adapter. The only choices for EasyGPS is to use COM1. I can't see where it would let me choose something else. I am stumped. Any help?

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Getting the communication can be a little tricky sometimes; don't know if I'll be able to help you too much. I am running my Meridian through a USB adapter, so yes, it can be done.


One thing to check is to make sure nothing else is competing for that COM port. HotSync for the Palm is one notorious competitor; make sure you turn off anything else that might be vying for the port. Be sure your baud rates are the same within EasyGPS and on your SporTrak.


Does that help?



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In EasyGPS, Press File->Preferences. In the window that comes up, you set your gps type, the baud rate, and the COM port. I have COM1-COM9 to pick from on mine...and my usb to serial converter usually picks a high com number like 5 or 7...the one you're going to have trouble with is the magup program that updates the firmware in the gps...it only goes up to COM4 as far as I can tell, and only one of my usb ports makes it COM4, and I never rememebr which one it is icon_wink.gif



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