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Maggellan Meridian SD Card Question?

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My friend bought a Meridian Yellow. I own a Garmin so I can't help him. He loaded some maps to a SD card and wants to erase them and start over. Could someone please let me know if this is possible using just the gps and how. Or, are they automatically written over whenever he loads back to the SD card? Any suggestions would also be appreciated.






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Originally posted by wfosborn:

Or on the later firmware revisions there is a Card Utilities Menu that has a format card option.


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With the latest firmware you can also delete files from the SD Card. That way you don't have to format to get rid of a file.



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If it's a newer firmware Merigreen there's Card Utilities (as everyone is already saying) and also I would suggest a USB card reader. One of the best cheapo gadgets I ever bought.

You put the card in the reader, plug it into the usb and it shows up on your file manager as another drive. You can can manipulate the file just like any other on your harddrive.


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