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Guest floatch

Magellan 315 software for d/ling landmarks

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Guest floatch

Ok, ok.... I broke down and bought the PC connection cable yesterday. You guys that recommended it were right! If only for the new software v3.14, it was worth the money. (I love watching my gps count feet instead of 0.01 mi!) Anyway, here's my question... any reliable FREE software out there for managing landmarks? I've heard of Panterra, but never tried it. Any other options? I'm d/ling Panterra now, so I'll try that in a minute. I guess I'm just hesitant to buy the magellan software when I know there are other options available!

Thanks! -floatch



Magellan was the MAN!

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Guest JasonW

Not just for landmarks.... here are the ones I use most:


VisualGPS - http://www.apollocom.com/VisualGPS/default.htm

VisualGPS incorporates many advanced features found in professional programs. Its sole purpose is to display graphically specific NMEA 0183 sentences and show the effects of selective availability (SA).


EasyGPS - http://www.easygps.com

EasyGPS is the fast and easy way to create, edit, and transfer waypoints and routes between your computer and your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS.


Not found a need for anything more (yet) :-)


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Guest Ron Streeter



Welcome to the cable club ! As I said in the other thread, you won't regret it. I recommend looking through some of the other software threads, or do a search at the top of the page for Magellan 315 and you will see lots of posts too.


I use Topo! (Wildflower/National Geographic) and MS Streets and Trips 2001 ($7 after rebate) but these are more mapping programs.


I am getting ready to use the Topografix software too.


Enjoy your new capabilities.



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