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sat 11, up or down???

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Looks good to me. I checked several sources for current status.


******** Week 193 almanac for PRN-11 ********

ID: 11

Health: 000

Eccentricity: 0.1615524292E-002

Time of Applicability(s): 589824.0000

Orbital Inclination(rad): 0.9124153679

Rate of Right Ascen(r/s): -0.8503211336E-008

SQRT(A) (m 1/2): 5153.651855

Right Ascen at Week(rad): 0.1421159422E+001

Argument of Perigee(rad): -0.106782814

Mean Anom(rad): -0.4075351776E+000

Af0(s): 0.4673004150E-004

Af1(s/s): 0.0000000000E+000

week: 193

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PRN11 is alive but could have been unusable when that specific almanac was created, which might have been the case as PRN11 (SVN46) was unusable for a short period about a week ago.


Cheers, Kerry.


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