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waypoint projection

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Originally posted by pinecones:

I just got a new Meridian Gold GPS unit from the man in the red suit (a replacement for my melted Magellan 315!). I am having trouble trying to do waypoint projections. Looks like they are not possible with this unit? Nothing in the users manual. Can anyone help? Thanks

Can't help you with the Gold as I'm not familiar with it but it probably has it available in some hidden menu.

In the meantime don't leave us in suspense. How did you melt your Mag315?

Cheers, Olar


"Today really is Yesterday's Tomorrow"

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I was hoping it is there, and can't imagine it is not a feature, but still can't find it. As for the melted GPS unit. Search zipcode 97756, and pull up the "Sticks and Stones Redmond urban cache series #1" geocache for a picture under our Christmas day post. It all started with a wall tent and a fire place. Someone moved my pack a little to close to the stove, and presto! droppy GPS unit. I also lost a camera (a cheap 35mm point and shoot) to the fire.

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Thanks a ton!! I thought I really had tried all my options. Guess thats a Magellan for ya. Even though it takes a bit of gettin use to, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Did you see the picture of my melted GPS? Follow the above list post instructions for the picture. The things you have to do to upgrade!! HA HA Thanks again for you help.

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Headmj......I am a nubby with this Meri/Plat and I follow you up to finding PROJECTIONS....but please describe to me in detail the following steps to be able to go from a known present position with coordinates to a position that I would like to enter coordinates and have the unit give me a bering and distance and possibly show me on the map where to go....or is this possible with this GPS. The instruction manual is not much.Thanks.

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