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Has anyone used GPSTuner yet? If so, has anyone been able to open .loc files with it?



-update- I just realized the version I have is 1.1 and not 1.2. So my new question is: does anyone know where I can get 1.2? Handango has the old version and megalith's website links to Handango.


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I've been using GPS Tuner since V1.0. What I have noticed in V1.3 is that it will read .LOC files properly. The .LOC file I tried was generated from a .GPX file using GPS Babel. I've been terribly busy at work lately so I still haven't had a chance to see if the .LOC file generated by GPS Tuner is now proper. Previously it was a carraige return seperated file. Lastly, I tried using GPS Tuner V1.1 to assist in finding a cache and it was pretty much useless. I haven't tested V1.3 to see if any improvements have been made to the algorythm for seeking out caches. Overall the program seems to show some potential.

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