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Magellan Service Blows!!!

Seeker BP

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I have been tring for 5 weeks to get an answer back from there help dept. No one answers e-mail. There phones are always busy and I leave messages and no one returns my calls!! What kind of company are we talking about here. Glad I own a Garmin!! All I need is to locate a printed manual for a Magellan Meridian XL. Anybody got a clue where I could locate?? Seeker BP icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif

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If it means anything I have had nothing but trouble when I call them too, luckily I only had a minor question and ended up figuring out the answer before Magellan could be of any help.


Also their rebate sucks. It is not done through Magellan, they do it through "wheresmyrebate.com" and they can take up to two months and they are notorius for not giving people their rebates, you have to argue and badger them and if you dont have a photocopy of the UPC label and reciept and arent willing to send them several copies of both, well they cant help you then icon_mad.gif


Im a little bitter .... maybe I should just buy a Garmin ?

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I have had nothing but good service from them. Sure it may take a few min to get to my call, but other times I can get strait through (I call them for stuff like seeing what there policy for trading up is, and other stuff including repairs once or twice). But there email service seems to be selective, if its something they can help you with they usually send a reply, but if its about future products or old products they will not reply till the product is announced/released. So I usually just call them at their toll free number instead of emails.


When I have had to send it in they usually get it out the same day or the next. ANd when I complained about shipping prices they gave me there UPS account number so its charged to them, plus they usually throw in some free stuff.


Wyatt W.


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I recently attempted to upgrade my firmware and as I reached 93% done my batteries died so you know what happened to my gps. I contacted Magellan for instructions for returning the unit for repairs and got an answer right away. I sent my unit in on 2/13/03 and received it on 2/26/03.All I requested was to restore my gps to working order but to my surprise when I opened the box I had a set of batteries,an external power cable, a pc cable, a manual in paperback and 1 on cd,and a carrying case. I did not need any of this since I already had all of those items so to say I am pleased with the service is an understatement.This is my third Magellan by the way. No bad units to date just upgrades


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I bought a Meriyellow from Outpost.com and when I got it it was just a bad unit. I had power loss 6 times on 5 outings and lost all my waypoints on 2 occasions. Luckily I had them saved on EasyGPS. I called Magellan to give them the opportunity to make it right and they just said, "Well, ship it back to who you bought it from and see if they will do anything." So I did just as they said. I shipped it back to Outpost, got a refund and bought a Legend.


That was my first crack at a Magellan and I wasn't happy with the unit or the "Customer No-Service".


A glad Garmin owner once again!

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French company. They are currently boycotting all U.S. users because of the pending Gulf War Pt-II. That is OK. I have given up French Fries, French Toast, and French Kissing for the duration. I am even letting my French Bread get moldy! No more french dressing on the salads either.


It is a JOKE - OK?!?!


Mike. Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC).

El Paso, Texas.


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They are not assault weapons anymore... they are HOMELAND DEFENSE WEAPONS!

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Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:

French company. They are currently boycotting all U.S. users because of the pending Gulf War Pt-II. That is OK. I have given up French Fries, French Toast, and French Kissing for the duration. I am even letting my French Bread get moldy! No more french dressing on the salads either.


It is a JOKE - OK?!?!




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Wow! I called them the other day for a problem with the power on a Meridian green I received from outpost. Even with new batteries the power would fluctuate all over the meter and then shut down the gpsr when it went into the low battery range.

No problem she said, just pack it up and send it to our Tulsa repair facility. Shipped on 24th, they received it on the 26th. Will post back with the results.

After reading the above post about the rebate situation I just had to check on mine. Sent all the information requested for the $50 rebate if you buy software (Mapsend topo) and the meridian.

I mean I carefully made sure everything was in the envelope even so far as scotch taping the stuff on the rebate page.I go to wheresmyrebate.com and guess what? They have denied the rebate!!!!!!!!!!! Says I didn't include the upc part. ERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!First on my call list tomorrow is Magellan/Thales.

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Sharpshutr - Ya, "wheresmyrebate.com" is known for being really bad at giving people their rebates, like I said, be prepared to send multiple copies of everything and dont stop calling them, seriously, get the highest person on the phone you can and let them know you wont go away, otherwise you probably wont see your money.


What is everyone elses experience with their rebates ? specifically from "wheresmyrebate.com".


Thats it ! Enjoy !!

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I called Magellan first after trying the Wheresmyrebate.com "contact" button which takes you to a page that is invalid. Magellan service did give me the # for Wheresmyrebate.com. I called them and talked to a person who said I had sent in a upc that was not valid for the rebate. I asked which it was whether the Mapsend topo or the Meridian upc cutout? She replied it was #0763357103922. I said according to my receipt that was for the mapsend topo except they had added an extra 2 on the end that does not show on my receipt. She informed me to send a copy of everything again. I told her I didn't have a copy of the upc but that I did have the receipt from Walmart showing the product # on it and the receipt from outpost.com (fry's) showing the Meridian gps. She said sorry sir without the copy of the upc we cannot process your rebate. I asked to speak to a "higher up" and was transferred to a voice mail where I left my name and number. No CALL received back by me from them.

I then called Magellan and was told that there were problems with the wheresmyrebate handling the rebates. I was referred to a customer service person named T__mmy. Again I received a voice mail and left my return phone number and name and to please call me about my problem with the rebate. NO CALL received back from Magellan either.

Will try again tomorrow as I have a whole week to keep this up as I am off due to some minor surgery. I WILL pursue this! sharpshutr

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To bad that Magellan is suffering again with customer service. They'd had problems for years, then seemed to have a really good thing going when I had to deal with them a few months back. Live service via the phone, very quick turn around. Hopefully it is just a small glitch due to growth or something. I'd think that with the new products they've been releasing, sales are probably up.


Rebates on just about everything seems to be a pain, which is probably why companies use them. They figure you'll give up prior to getting them. That said, going through sams club, I got 2 $50 rebates in less than a month when I bought first mine, then my daughters sportrak map/topo setups.

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Originally posted by BCguy:

What is everyone elses experience with their rebates ? specifically from "wheresmyrebate.com".


It took about 10 or 11 weeks, but I got mine without any hassle other than waiting. I can't see any reason it should take that long other than hanging onto the money as long as possible.


I should add that I don't know if wheresmyrebate.com was involved or not. I just mailed it to the address on the form.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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Being that I sell both Magellan and Garmin, I have learned, if you need to call, call at 8am their time, you get through much faster. If you call later in the day, you are looking at needing to wait on hold. There are companies that are a lot worse to deal with. As far as E-mail, ,forget about it, use the phone!!!!!! icon_razz.gif

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As promised an update . Sent meridian in on 24th of Feb. they received it on the 26th and I received it today March 3rd. You can't ask for a better turn around than that. Soldered the battery spings in place to fix it. It seems there are several units that exhibit this problem.

So for repair service I give them a A++++


On the matter of the rebate... I called again this morning and left a message for them to call back.... still no callback. I faxed my receipts to their fax machine with a note saying call me please..... still no callback.

Either they don't return calls or have so many problems with their rebate program they can't answer them in a timely manner. So for the REBATE service at Thales/ Magellan I give them an F- so far.

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Well, I hate to beat a dead horse, but then again I don't want to lose $50 on my justifiable rebate either. I don't mean to bore you all with these updates so think of it as a FYI shout.

Called their rebate specialist again this morning and received her voice mail just like always. Left the message to "please" call me and that I have been leaving messages to no avail. Where do I go from here? sharpshutr

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I just received the long awaited phone call. Evidently the "new" phone system was to blame. I have been told that my rebate will be honored and the fulfillment center has been notifyed and that it should be expedited. Ok now the F- is raised to a ????? you be the judge. thanks for listening to my rant the past few days. God Bless and take care. sharpshutr

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Sorry to hear about the rebate problem...I have had similar problems, not with Thales, but with rebates in general... I keep a copy of all of the material that I send; I have needed it a few times..."did not get all material" etc reasons; just email a copy and, opps, "we are sorry, no problem"...got to watch them all! Also see post for Thales service which makes me not too happy:



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I need to get that Rebate Specialist's number from you. I received the following e-mail this morning, in response to my $50 rebate submission:




Thank you for participating in our rebate promotion.


Your rebate submission has been received.

Unfortunately your rebate is denied for the following reasons:




UPC SUBMITTED: 763357103151


If your submission was denied for missing information please mail a copy of this message with required materials to:

TCA Rebate Resolution Dept

145 Huguenot Street Suite 105

New Rochelle NY 10801


This is an automated acknowledgment--PLEASE DO NOT REPLY. E-mail replies to this message will not receive a response.


To check the status of your rebate on-line go to:



If you have a question about your rebate please call us at

(914) 633-0977




Now, this is totally BOGUS! Does anyone remember the movie "The Rainmaker", where the insurance company had a policy of denying EVERY claim? It appears that they've morphed over into the rebate business.


I sent in every bit of required documentation, and the products purchased (in Feb 03) were a Merigreen and Mapsend Topo.

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Hey Eagle1,

I sent you the information you requested. Your denial was EXACTLY worded the same as mine. I, like you, made VERY SURE of everything when I send in for these rebate deals. Someone at Where's my rebate.com doesn't know how to properly process the information they are getting. They acknowledge that I sent in a UPC from the Magellan Topo but that the number was wrong. HUH!!!! Their processor adds an additional 2 to the end of the number and it's my fault???? The problem is with one or more processors at Where's MY Rebate.com. I hope Magellan drops them for their ineptitude (SP?) well you know what I mean. Not wanting to get started on this rant again but we need to support each other on this. sharpshutr

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I got mine ok (if 10 weeks seems like a reasonable time) but I've seen quite a few complaints on these guys. Some seem to have gotten a better response by bringing the problem to Magellan's customer service attention.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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Just happened to me, and I don't have a photocopy of the 2 UPC codes I sent in....


Name: BILL***********

Rebate ID: *******



Purchase Date: Saturday, February 01, 2003

Rebate Amount: $0.00

Type: Cash Rebate

Status: Rebate Submission is Denied




(Thos a**holes probably didn't have the Meridian Color UPC on file......)



...If life was fair, a banana split would cure cancer.

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I had to send my Platinum in for warranty service twice and both times it was returned to me within 8 days fixed plus a few goodies.


Yes, their email response is on the slow side, but when you mail it to them for repair or replacement they are great.


Problems I had were the blue sea on the display for which I got a new unit and the broken battery springs that they soldered.




Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

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