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I placed an order on Sunday and have already received two emails. One receipt and one with shipping confirmation and FedEx tracking numbers. So far so good. I will let you know if any trouble arises before the unit gets here, or if it delayed for any reason.


BTW. GPS Discount's price is about $20 less than the same item on FreshTrackMAps.

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I just ordered a unit (GPSMAP 76S) on last Friday morning and I had it delivered by Tuesday. This was the regular ground shipping option. (They use Fedex express saver for the ground option)

They have awesome communication. They email you when the order has been fulfilled and they email you when they have a tracking number. You can track your shipment from the gpsdiscount website.

I have yet to find a website that can beat gpsdiscount's prices.

If you order a Garmin product make sure you put your t-shirt size in the comments area. They ship a free good quality t-shirt with every Garmin purchase.


I requested an RMA for a possible issue that was later corrected with the software update. I received the RMA within hours of emailing them. Never sent it back, but it was good to know they stand behind their product.


I would recommend them to anyone in the market for a new GPSr.



"I am umbilically connected to the temperate zone. It's brought me life. It's brought me love, I never have outgrown"----J. Buffett

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I first ordered my GPS V from there (Their special deal with batteries, charger, and carry case) and it arrived fine. I did search many of the online GPS sites, and theirs was consistently the lowest price.

I did have a little bug-a-boo in the mapsource CD's that came with the GPS V. The first CD was defective (read error on 3 different computers) and I emailed and called GPS Discount for a fix. They relayed my email to Garmin. It took a few days, and I wound up calling Garmin direct to request a new Mapsource set. Im not sure where the delay was, at GPS Discount, or Garmin, but a week later I get a package from Garmin containing not a consumer-version replacement disk set as I had expected, but a hand-burnt CD set of disks 1 and 2. *shrug* That set loaded no problem. icon_smile.gif Mayhaps Garmin and a bad run of mas produced CDs. Anyway... I later ordered an extenral antenna and data/power cable from GPS Discount and it was again good prices and fast delivery. Im happy.

-Centaur (and now I have 2 shirts)

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Thanks for all of your input folks! I did a lot of shopping yesterday, and found three places cheaper than GPSDiscount.com, TigerGPS, PlanetGPS, and TheGPSWorld.com. GPSWorld.com had the cheapest price yesterday prior to leaving work. I went to a local hunting and fishing store to test the feel of some different unit in my hands to solidify my decision. When I came in rhis morning to place my order GPSWorld.com's price had shot up a surprising $15.00! I didn't care for that little number, so I took the second lowest 'bid', TigerGPS. Their price stayed the same since yesterday, and their shipping was cheaper. I'll leave an update as to the quality of service, and speed pending the units delivery.

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I would be a bit wary of a site that changes it's prices on a daily basis.


You may want to check the forum for any feedback from those other sites.


"I am umbilically connected to the temperate zone. It's brought me life. It's brought me love, I never have outgrown"----J. Buffett

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I ordered a Street Pilot III from them the other day. Their website said they'd have them to ship in 2 days from then.


I emailed them to ask if they knew if there'd be any further delays that they knew of and I got an email back saying, and I quote:


"I'm not driving the boat from Taiwan. They'll get here when they get here."


I thought that was kind of rude when I just had a simple question and had just placed an order for about $800.


Might be an isolated incident, but they wound up sending me THE SAME email again about 20 minutes later. Just left me with a bad feeling. I cancelled the order and went to eBay and found what I was looking for for $750 from someone who was POLITE.


My $0.02

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