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Augmented Reality Navigation - Future GPS Concept

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I've got an idea that has been floating in my head- a commercially available Augmented Reality (AR) GPS system.


What is AR? AR is like VR (Virtual Reality) but in a real environment. Imagine looking in a crowd wearing a translucent AR display and a person is highlighted and a name and information pops up. Or as you are walking down the street, the address you are looking for is pointed out. That's AR- Augmented Reality.




A more modern AR system would not be terribly goofy-looking or obtrustive. Over one (or both?) eyes would be a translucent color LCD display. Along the attachment for the display would be a GPS antenna. On both sides of the head there would be mounted two small digital video cameras. (The diameter of a Sharpie and half the length.) In either a backpack or holdster would be a power supply (lithium-Ion/Polymer battery or a fuel cell) and specialized computer.




There would be four different types of input into the device. First, would be the GPS antenna for position. Second, would be the two side cameras. Third, would be an attached microphone close to the display(s). Forth, would be a cellular telephone link.




There would be three different types of output from the device. First would be the one or two "over-eye" displays. Second would be a small speaker. Third would be a cellular telephone link.




Processing data is key for the AR system. There are a few things the unit could do. First, it could take GPS data and give the user's position on a standard overlay map. Second, it could take a combination of the camera input, and the GPS location, and on-board data and create a "virtualized" area. Using the stereo image from the two cameras, the computer could isolate and gather the information about the dimensions of an object the user is looking at. Comparing that information to an onboard database, it could identify various objects, locations, and even people.


There are many possible applications for this kind of technology, from the Millitary Land Warrior system (a prototype AR) to a high-end hands-free GPS unit. The possibilities and applications are endless with AR, and when combined with GPS would be a powerful tool.






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Originally posted by Renegade Knight:

The idea is probably public domain since it's not original. (Remember Arnold in Terminator, His vision was VR Augmentation.).


How it's implemented is different.


Well, AR is very public-domain-y, yes... yeah, I probably should have rephrased that, it sounded too "hey I just thought of this and it's origional" after I re-read it, just a faux paus. :-P


But anyways, yeah, the VR augmentation is exactly the idea I was looking for. Another idea (again, not origional) would be to use some small-scale stereo radar instead of two cameras, or both. I think it would be easier for the computer to generate the 3-d environment using sonic data then visual data. Plus it would automatically make navigation at night and in fog or smoke easier.





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Well, a friend of mine was working on something similar, what he had was a goggle system with a camera mounted in the front. Image went into the camera, out to a pc, then back out to a set of goggles being worn by the user with the augmented image. Attached are images of the setup from the non useful point of view. . . sorta :-)







Wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too?

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