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MapPoint 2002 + Geocaching w/ downloaded coords

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Hey all,


I have used the slick d/l feature to get the coords for caches I want to seek into easyGPS. This is pretty cool, I have to say. However, I've been playing with my gps (eTrex Venture) and MapPoint 2002 and was thrilled to see that all you have to do is plug in the serial cable, fire up MapPoint and whala... I have all the maps in the world that I want/need for my GPSing needs.


Right now, I can type the coordinates one by one into MapPoint, but I'd rather use some sort of file format to pump them in. So I can see where caches are in respect to others and then I can plan to seek X, Y, and Z this saturday because they are close to each other Vs. going "Crap! I'm 14 miles from the next one, but it's 2 miles from our first cache." I'm all about finding caches, but I'm also all about doing it efficiently icon_wink.gif Setting an active waypoint (my home) and then using easyGPS to find the points X miles from somewhere is a fairly suitable approach, but I'd really rather see them all on a map. Plus I can then use MapPoint to help find the cache. (Cheating?) icon_wink.gif


I think this would be neat, anyone out there know how this could be done?




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Originally posted by trippy1976:

It looks like GeoBuddy will output streets and trips, but sadly - MapPoint will not read this format. Anyone know of a file conversion utility?

Have you tried it yet and it didn't work?


That format is just Comma-Separated Values (CSV) and I'm almost certain that MapPoint can bring it in with no problem.


I purchased the MapPoint Demo for $10 way back when and edited a CSV file in Excel that had all the Major and Minor League Baseball fields. I then imported that file into MapPoint just fine. I use this same file and it works with my S&T.


Seems that MapPoint, which is a stronger program than S&T, would be able to pull in the same file.


Maybe I was using a prior version?


If you get a chance, please test it and let us know if it worked or not. Since TresOkies is in the process of working on GeoBuddy right now we can make a request that he add this format if your test doesn't work. If it works, however, maybe he can change the output format to say "S&T/MapPoint CSV" so that it is more clear...




What is Project Virginia?

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If you have MapPoint 2002, just use GeoBuddy to save your geocache file as a Streets & Trips file (File->Save As and select Save as type of Streets & Trips CSV). Then, from MapPoint 2002, import the CSV file (Data->Import Data Wizard), following the instructions, setting the data types as appropriate (you can skip the link column). It actually works pretty nice, but you do need GeoBuddy 2.0.



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Originally posted by reastick:

The .loc files downloaded from geocaching.com are actually XML format. You can read these into Excel directly, and then link (or import?) the Excel file to MapPoint.


If you have Excel, of course...


Only Excel 2002!


BTW... My Buddy Ian has been maintaining an import file like this for S+T of Canada. The underlying engine is the same for S+T and MapPoint and OTHER people have claimed to use his CSV files with MapPoint.



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... which doesn't solve the original problem, but there is another way to figure out the nearest cache. Use the Find Waypoints - Nearest function in your eTrex Venture.


While it will not supply you with the shortest route between caches, it will show you the distance to the nearest cache.


I do this occasionally, if I get some unexpected time over at a some point. Maybe there is one near you!






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