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New Garmin Unit


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The buttons are ABOVE the display?

Yes! Thank goodness! It drives me nuts that Magellan puts the buttons on top. If you hold something in your hand, your thumb is UP! Not down. Why would they put the buttons down? I am a human engineering freak. I admit it. But I want things to be ergonomic, and my thumb is up, not down! With the buttons down, I have to cross over the display with my thumb, or use 2 hands.


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I just got a geko 101. For the price I think it's just fine. I only use the gps for geocaching so I find no need to pay for features I won't use. Since half a dozen caches a day are max for me paying for pc connectability seems like overkill. Mapping isn't needed for me since I prefer playing with paper maps.(just something about it, like reading a real book instead of from a computer screen.) Besides, since I geocache with the kids its nice not to have to worry about them dropping and losing a four or five hundred dollar unit. I can let them carry it and just relax.(Isn't that the point of a hobby?)

A ton of bells and whistles is very cool, but simplicity and low price is cool too. And this unit tracks as well as my friends etrex vista, even under trees and in areas that you would think could be a problem. Overall a nice little unit. Good value. duguays@dowco.com[/email]

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About the buttons being above or below the screen:


I like them above the screen, so that you can have more of a grip of the gps.


When im walking fast, it is easy to have a good grip of the unit, and have my thumb positioned over the buttons(GPS V).


I have to stop to do button pushing with my Meridian, because of the buttons being at the bottom. Especially hard is pressing the GOTO button on my Meridian platinum, while moving, without dropping it. One thing im afraid of is that without a strap on the meridian, and I do a GOTO, it might literally goto into a lake.


Now some GPS units can be awkward to use while moving, where you would have to stop to do some button pushing.

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I have the garmin 72. I love the buttons on the top. My thumb never gets in the way of the display and it just feels right in my hand. Admittedly, I've never tried a gps with either buttons on the side or on the bottom, but I'm happy with mine and I guess that that is all that matters.



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Originally posted by infosponge:

The buttons are ABOVE the display? Were they smoking crack when they designed that one?


Actually, I'm impressed with the design. I've had a geko for a few months, and really like the way the buttons are placed. With the unit cradled in the fingers of one hand you can operate the buttons with your thumb without blocking the screen.The screen seems small but is very crisp and clear. Even at arm's length It's easy to read.

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Originally posted by st_richardson:

They have some serious trade offs for their low price and shirt pocket size. (about the size of a good compass)


No way to update software or download waypoints.

No way to power externally.

Limited or no ability to save tracks.


It looks like the 201 & 301 have external connections for power & PC link.

The Geko 301 also has a more pleasing color. I can actually look at it without thinking about reversing the eating process.

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