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File formats for GPS data

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Is anybody an expert in the file formats used by various programs (expertGPS/mapsource etc) to store routes and tracks?


If so I would like to hear from them. I have been playing around with a fun GPS related topic. Basically it's a website that people can upload GPS tracks to for bike rides, walks or even drives they have done and they can then add a description. Others can come along and if they wish to repeat the route, can just download it to their GPS which makes navigation really easy as you just follow the track from the map display.


The website will calculate total climb/descent, and speed statistics for you, and even gives you nice little histograms of the route profile. I will even add a little thingy to draw a map, but as this is a fun project it will not have base mapping, which would be nice but expensive to buy in. Others who do the route could also reupload their tracks and the system could keep records of the average time to complete the route, and even who the fastest was, so for mountain bikers for example people could compete against each other aysncronously.


Anyway. I have the basic site working, which displays a route profile and some basic stats but at the moment it only works with CSV files. If I can find a bit more about other file formats I can add support for them.


BTW. If such a site existed would anybody be interested in using it? I guess some of you must be into hill walking or mountain or road biking with a GPS. If anybody has a suitable file of a route they could send me that would be cool as I can then test the plotting code against a selection of data.

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