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A little advice on handhelds ?

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I know this has been spoken about before but -


I've noticed some of you guys use handheld pc's when caching to store waypoints and moving map etc.


Could anyone recommend one that would be compatible with my magellan gps 320 ? or one that runs windows , or one that i can store cache pages on .


Just a cheapy one to start as my budget isn't massive .


Thanks guys


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OK I admit it, the A4 is a piece of paper. The download device is a printer.


Ignoring the fact that a piece of paper (or several) is not a techno-gadget, for the function of providing details of cache pages when out in the field it does stack up pretty well against an electronic device (pun intended).


- It does not require batteries

- The display quality is several orders of magnitude better than any current palm type device.

- It's extremely cheap in comparison to most palm style devices




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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Again I must agree with Jeremyp.

A printout of the caches that one is going to visit in a plastic zip folder is the best way.

A GPS RX and compass. Is all one normaly requires. Well don't forget the digital camera, a flask of hot or cold drink, sadwiches, pen, sting oitment, Nat repellent, rainwear, Spare socks, spare shoes. Spare clean underpants, Gaz cooker, Kitchen sink. Mobile phone, Leatherman tool, Folding bike (Brompton). and a big bag to carry this lot and some one to carry it.

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