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North-south is all well and good, but what about those of us that live in the extreme east or west?

The ball is unlikely ever to get near East Anglia, western Wales or Cornwall.


How about, therefore, Travel Bug Croquet?


The concept: Pairs of caches define two posts. The track of the travel bug has pass between these two posts, thereby 'scoring' that 'hoop'.

In this way, we could define a set of hoops up the country for Odds and Evens, and that would ensure that the TB would reach further-flung places as its rough track would be defined.



**Mother is the name of God on the lips of all children**

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Too much excitement in one day for a newbie - what with logging a TB out and in for the first time - and all that revelling in the moment of glory!! You'll find the "Found it" log now in place at DTTW (thanks for the reminder). On top of that my first 3 placed caches went live yesterday am and have had 5 visits in the first 36 hours - is this a record? Anyway the excitement is beginning to tell I think I'd better go lie down.

Sandstorm icon_smile.gif



Are we nearly there yet?

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Originally posted by Sandstorm:

....my first 3 placed caches went live yesterday am and have had 5 visits in the first 36 hours - is this a record?


No..A record is 7 inches and made of black vinyl icon_wink.gif


I woke this morning and my boat was not rocking...for one horrid moment I thought I lived in a house!

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Ah yes the good old days of wow and flutter – click … crrrrrrrrrr.


Back on topic – I’ll go with the East / West goals until this game is up. When is 90 minutes up btw? And what about injury time?


I like Norfolk and may come out of retirement to go for the hat trick! At which time I’ll be happy to discuss transfer fees with the Odds. icon_wink.gif





Are we nearly there yet?

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Us Oddies seem remarkably thin on the ground... Ah well, at least real footy is proving more even-handed. Saints for the Cup! icon_biggrin.gif

<ducks barrage of abuse from irate Portsmouthians>


Right, now where's this bloomin football?

Help! My laces are tied together!


Neutiquam erro.

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I'm an oddy, icon_rolleyes.gif in more ways than one. If the evens have dune then I suppose I would have to try and be goaly if it came my way.


Now, I'm new to this game. Do I follow the ball the same way I do a travel bug and how often is it updated.

I'd like to try and make a save before it gets to Dune. And those Evens, I hope you all come out of Dune looking like pin cushions. Come on give it your best shot if you think your hard enough!! icon_biggrin.gif

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