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Caption competition......

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- "OK, but how do we put it BACK again?"


- "No, it ISN'T a very good hiding place, is it?"


- "D & P will NEVER find it if we place it here!"


- "I think we need a smaller box!"


- "This dadgum GPS is 35 ft out again!!!"


Team Blitz


White gravel? What white gravel? I can't see any.... heck, who cares!

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Hey, where did you get those ugly shoes you daft old buggers ?


The T&J bear took one look at the ugly old buggers and jumped straight down the hole.



Two cachers find a golden ferret treasure in a cache.

(That's one for the golfers)


The mood get's ugly as two guys argue the old story of "you stay your side of this line, an I'll stay on mine".


I know, not very inventive, but the brain cells are packing in.


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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"Hornet's caching is sponsored by Gary's Golfing Gear - purveys of fine quality diamond jumpers and little hats."


or maybe


"Hornet's dream of planting a cache at the North Pole finally came true. Pity about the global warming..."



Seek and ye shall find (tupperware, ammo boxes, bears, free ISP CDs...)

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This is an inappropriate site for a cache - and not simply because the cache container won't fit.


It is obviously a Neolithic monument. We can't be sure of its original use but we think it is part of some sort of cosmic calendar.


Already, the feet of hordes of visitors have trampled the surrounding vegetation flat, leaving the monument exposed and vulnerable.


Show respect and keep well clear of such sensitive and sacred sites.


[Tongue well in cheek & no offence intended]



There's no such thing as a free lunchbox!

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Just got back from a week's geocaching in California and I see you've all been up to no good while I've been away icon_razz.gif! I suppose I have to choose a winner do I?


Glad to see the standard of humour hasn't improved in my absence icon_wink.gificon_wink.gificon_wink.gif




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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"Let's bury the shoes and wear the lunchbox"


"Somewhere, on the other side of the Earth, is a very big hole with balls falling out of it"


"I think we've found the source of the prime meridian"


"Obviously this lunch box is smaller on the inside than it looks on the outside"


"I give up. Let's read the hint!"



It's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

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