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Attention Scottish Geocachers - from Scotland on Sunday newspaper

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My name is Barry Gordon, I'm a freelance feature writer for Scotland on Sunday. I'm going to be writing up a piece on Geocaching soon and I'm appealing to Scottish cachers (particularly in the Lothians) to help me with my feature: either as an interviewee or someone I can go caching with.

You can contact me at: flynns77@hotmail.com

Leave me your details and I shall buzz you back.

Kind Regards,


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I'd love to evilrooster.


However, unless someone phones me by 2pm this afternoon we'll lose the thread and the opportunity to do a feature will be gone. Sorry, that's newspapers for you I guess.


So, one last time: if you are interested in helping - in any way, shape or form - please phone me on either: (0131)313-2521 or 0777-626-5625.


Thanks in advance,



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I have scanned the article into the computer, and will have to send it to you. The picture (of me holding GPS and lunchbox) didn't scan properly I'm afraid. If anyone else wants to see it, let me know and I will email it. (But you will need to let me have your email address so that I can add an attachment)

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Forgot to get the Sunday Post at the weekend but one of my workmates saved the article for me. Well done, the article was well written and showed the game in a good light (not too cyber geeky). I wonder when Oor Wullie will get a GPS ;) Or even Pa Broon could manage to find a cache or two. I am sure the But n' Ben would make a good start point for a cache hunt.

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FoF...Your article has done a great job for Scottish Geocaching :lol: Pleased to hear of some feedback and hope the potential cacher joins soon ..think that there might be a few others to follow after Xmas day!. Thinking of applying for Geo caching account as Paw Broon......but see that that 'The Broons' are already taken!

Michty Me! Regards..& Gd Caching! DD

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