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who takes a camera


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Originally posted by Dan Wilson:

every single cache, i have a great screen saver of our travels. Its good to let people know that there cache is still in good tact. Just wish people would take photos with mine!


Co-ordinates with yours would be a good start icon_biggrin.gif


just kidding

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I almost always bring the digital camera and usually post a few pictures in my logs. We met a couple new cachers on the trail once and they recognized us from the pictures in our logs. We post so many pictures that I've been accused of shameless self promotion.



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We always take a camera, and we allways leave it in the car. We like too see pictures, so please take more, and upload them.


Lazy Leopard:

Get youself a cheep Digital camera (£40) they take low res pictures under 100k so:

easy to upload

no waiting for processing

No cost to develop.

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My My Nia,,,,you like to see pictures but ont take them...LOL.


I wish people would take more pictures too.Even if they arent all that good,,,,but if everyone took a picture then the caches would be more fun


I know I would fin it satisfying to see someone at the place I planted the Cache.


WESTSIDE RESPEK! Lets get the party started! xxxx

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I have a Kyocera S3 which is a very small digital camera. I have it with me all the time in a case on my belt.

I do take pictures of the cache's that I have found. But I forgot to take a pic of the best cache find. That was when I found the final 'Sherlock' cache. What a plonker...

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