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Travel bug advice

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I am planning to visit a cache on Saturday that has four travel bugs in it. They have all been there about a month. One really needs to leave the UK (it's looking for volcanoes!) but the others I could easily help on their missions.


Now, I am wondering when/if I find the cache, should I just be choosing one to take, or should I move them all along? I've never been to a cache that had more than one in it before.


Anybody have any views on proper TB etiquette?

Advice/opinions all welcome.


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Originally posted by AuntieMary:

I am planning to visit a cache on Saturday that has four travel bugs in it. They have all been there about a month. One really needs to leave the UK (it's looking for volcanoes!) but the others I could easily help on their missions.


I know exactly what travel bugs you are referring to and the cache as well. It was me that placed one of the bugs into the cache. The others were placed by an american couple who were on holiday and we did the cache together. The cache in question isn't visited a lot. When we visited we were the first visitors for over 6 months. I don't know why it is an good cache. The question would be, how long before the cache gets another visitor after you. Like has been said before travel bugs need to move. If you can help 3 of them then take those three. The fourth needs volcanoes, so like you say needs to go out of the country. You might want to move this bug to a cache that sees more visitors than this one. Then it might be picked up by someone who is going to leave the country.


We own a number of bugs and would rather see them move to different caches, even if it doesn't progress towards its goal, rather than having the bug sitting in a cache doing nothing.


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And now there is one less, as I was holding one of them for our American Friends and I've only just got round to logging that one and the others from another cache into my possession. icon_rolleyes.gif


I agree with Mr & Mrs Hedgehog that this, and the other Tomb Raider cache, are well worth doing.


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.

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Thanks to you all for the advice. As the volcano hunter has moved on already I'll take the other three (if I find the cache!)


I think you're right, Mr & Mrs H, that they might be there quite a while if I don't. That cache might be a bit time consuming to pull loads of visitors. I'm really looking forward to going, we did TR1 a while ago and had a brilliant time icon_biggrin.gif

Just wanted to check if it was considered unsporting to take multiple bugs at once. But I guess if one of the bugs was mine, I'd be a lot happier to see it moving than being left.


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Greetings from the US! Sorry for the delay to jump in this discussion. I'm actually enjoying not being tied down to my computer every day while I'm on holidays.


Thanks for liberating the California Vampire. She was getting a little tired of the same cuisine at the Highgate Cemetery.


As Kennamatic and Mr Hedgehog advised, it's always better to grab a TB and move it along even if you can't help it towards its specific goal. For example, Tiger Hawk has a tough goal, but its definitely not going to find any volcanos at Highgate! (Unless something very strange happens). Maybe moving it along will create another "mission" prompted by its movements from cache to cache. TBs are wild cards and their missions and stories are always changing.


Sad to say we haven't been geocaching since London, but am planning on it before I run out of vacation days! Hope you guys can make it to San Francisco so we can do some American caching with you. [8D]






The Robot Family

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Looks like we missed you Mr Robot icon_frown.gif We just got back from San Francisco a couple of months ago! Fantastic caching out there by the way icon_smile.gif


I thought about taking the Tiger Moth but on balance it has a better chance of hitching a lift to an airport from London than from here so I left it. (I did feel a bit greedy already taking two) In retrospect I probably should have taken it to get it moving again, it might never find a volcano. A graveyard on the other hand...Hampshire is full of 'em.


Oh, and I should just point out I'm retracting my comment about TR2 being too time-consuming. It didn't take us more than about 20 minutes. Maybe it's the £2 entrance fee that puts people off??


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