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Winchester Event Photographic Competition

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At the Winchester event on 19th July we are hoping to have a display and competition of scenic photo's taken by cachers whilst out on their caching travels.


We will obviously need to have a good number of photo's so if any of you would like to exibit one or more, please could you let us know on this thread, stating the number you would like to enter.


The photo's would need to be mounted and no larger than 10" by 8" including mount.


The photographs will be judged by a Photographic Alliance judge and the winners will be awarded certificates.


We will let you have further details if there are enough entries to make a good display.

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Probably not suitable for the competition, but if the muggles want to see some excellent photos taken whilst geocaching, I'd suggest you contact Lassitude as he's the compiler of the 'Hidden Treasure Screensaver' collection of caching photos.... Chris, are you reading this thread matey ?


If you can see the 'light at the end of the tunnel', it's usually a train coming !

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We have had 5 replies with around 10 - 15 photo's, so thanks very much for those offers.


We still need more photo's to make a really good and worthwhile display so come on you lot, we know there are some great photo's out there -we've seen them on the cache pages! icon_biggrin.gif


The photo's don't have to be UK only as long as they were taken whilst out geocaching and they only need to be mounted on card. The display will be in a marquee.


If anyone wants to enter but isn't attending the event, they can send their photo's by post and include enough postage stamps for their return.


So come on everyone, let's show the geomuggles what wonderful places we visit on our geocaching travels.



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Originally posted by Team Paradise

I'm happy to bring along a couple to make up the numbers... they're nothing special tho'...


Thanks Team Paradise, we will be pleased to display them.


The main reason for the display, as I said in my last post, is to show the geomuggles what great places we visit when we are out geocaching.

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Anyone going to the Winchester Family Picnic and is entering the Photographic display, if your pictures are ready it would be really helpful if you could bring them along.


All others we will collect on the 18th or early on the 19th. Alternatively, you can put them in the post (email us and we will give you our address).

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Originally posted by THE BRAMBLERS:

Anyone going to the Winchester Family Picnic and is entering the Photographic display, if your pictures are ready it would be really helpful if you could bring them along.


We'll bring some pictures tomorrow to see they're the sort of thing you're after. See you there.



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I have 4 pictures mounted on A4 paper. I was trying to put in frame and smashed the glass. I have launched an appeal for a spare frame on the helpers forum and wil try and buy one on the way down. Do they need to be behind glass?

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