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A Poll to late


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T&J said "this topic is not up for discussion", so any polls like this that are essentially designed to show T&J levels of support are pointless. There can be no purpose to them.


That may sound harsh, but I support T&J's decision and their wish for their to be no discussion of the matter. Which is kind of negated by my posting, but hey.



Why'd ya have to go and make things so complicated?

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Originally posted by Kouros:

I find it somewhat worrying that the person who posted this poll is using a pseudonym. I'm not entirely sure why I do, but I do.

Me too. I'm suspicious of anyone who chooses to post anonymously in a public forum - hopefully A1ias will identify him/herself if he/she intends to post regularly.


SimonG.org - now with added blog!

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I'll timidly add my voice of support to T&J.

Who's the mystery pollster?


Hope you don't leave us guys, it's good to know there's someone responsible around to do the mucky jobs, but of course you are not just here to do the mucky jobs for us; you are obviously entitled to enjoy this sport as much as any of us.


I've not been a particularly active Geocacher since I started last year, but that doesn't mean I cannot appreciate the need for level-headed moderators, not just in the forums but with plenty "behind-the-scenes" work. Blanket approval from land-owners etc is one issue I might make note of: anyone else willing to spend time sorting this out?

Approval of cahes, advice for new cachers (I know the phrase Newbie "ist verboten") and trying to keep us motley crew (no offence to Motley Crew icon_wink.gif) in check is worthy of our thanks, and indeed words of thanks have been forthcoming on numerous occasions.


I for one am refusing to vote, however. I simply don't feel the need to as I reckon the above says it all for me.




Neutiquam erro.

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