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Has the Hornet had his day…….


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Not so long ago you could pretty much guarantee that the Hornet would be among the first to log a find for a new cache . I can’t help but notice that lately his FTF rate has dropped dramatically. Are we starting to see the first geocaching related illnesses?


Could it be that the Hornet was actually a cacheaholic. Typical symptoms include an overwhelming desire to notch up as many caches as possible, and a complete lack of self control when a new cache springs up within a 50 mile radius. Cacheaholics also find that this ailment completely takes over their life, with caching taking priority over everything else. Often, cacheaholics are so ashamed of their condition that they will only go out at night for fear of being found out. It appears that the Hornet may have partially overcome his addiction and is now seeking to curb his desires. Perhaps we should startup regular Cacheaholics Anonymous meetings in order to council those affected.


The other possibility is that it could be some form of geo-burnout. This is an ailment that can affect otherwise fit and healthy geocachers to the extent that they are unable to maintain regular geocaching activities. This is usually as a result of overdoing geocaching, and is further aggravated by the build up of stress in aiming to log a FTF on all new caches. The thought of somebody else beating them to the FTF can often lead to spells of depression and listlessness. Often people suffering from geo-burnout take a holiday to some far away place to get away from it all, but even then they may find the urge to seek out caches or plant new one’s overwhelming. This again adds to the stress and strain that they are suffering.


All very worrying…………


Nobby icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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I hear that an excessive finding of caches can go straight to your knees... icon_wink.gif Also, I'm reliably informed that a desire to hide bears inside ammo-boxes (a very cruel sport indeed) reflects a certain slackening of the cerebral cortex. icon_biggrin.gif


By the way Slytherin, how are you feeling? No suspicious aches or anything? 500+ and not affected? Must be a record!


"Hi, my name's Omally and I'm a Geocacher."


Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis.

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It's so nice to know people are worrying about me. The main two reasons for lack of FTF's are:


1) A zillion new cachers are now active. Whereas before there were old duffers (e.g. LiS) I could almost guarantee they wouldn't be able to get out of the care homes in time. Either that or young loonies tended to wait until it was dark giving me at least a day's clear run at new caches. Nowadays I've got a lot more competition (and all the better for that).


2) You might have noticed that I'm taking the odd holiday or two (e.g. California in Feb, Cyprus in March, Devon in April, Spain to come in May etc. etc.) People are deliberately resorting to placing caches while I'm away just to thwart me.


So all I can hope to do now is to quietly keep finding 'old' caches (i.e. more than a day or two) in an attempt to catch up icon_smile.gif with Slytherin.




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Originally posted by The Hornet:

So all I can hope to do now is to quietly keep finding 'old' caches (i.e. more than a day or two) in an attempt to catch up icon_smile.gif with Slytherin.

Go for it Hornet. At least we have given you a good excuse to go back to Cyprus. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif



Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout.....

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Has the Hornet had his day...


It would appear not, as today the old chap has finally logged his 500th cache.


Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. Now get yourself 'opp norf and do some difficult caches.. icon_biggrin.gificon_smile.gificon_cool.gificon_wink.gif


Well done Peter.


Alex & Kim



Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout.....

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500... Bl**dy well done, Peter. Oh.. by the way... I deliberately left the new local caches for you to find first (and anyway, it was raining Monday evening when I thought about going for them icon_wink.gif )




Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and ability.

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Well done Peter, I was waiting to see you get there icon_biggrin.gif.


Now as it is a very significant number any reminiscences?





Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

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It's gotta be said, Bl**dy staggering.


Well done and keep it up, not only 500 finds, but 50 hides too. I know we have enjoyed some "Hornet" caches.


An another thing, you have proved all these women wrong too. You know, those that say that "men get off to a good start, but cant keep it up". icon_biggrin.gif


Proof positive! your profile says you signed up in Feb 2001, but you found caches show Feb 2002 for your first find. icon_biggrin.gif


Tim & June (Winchester)


See June, I told you that sign which said 'Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles' was wrong ! icon_smile.gif

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