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Disabled Friendly Caches

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Hi, Can we ask that when you decide to place a cache that you give some thought to the disabled cachers, and cachers with small children. It is not the walk that counts it is the finding of the treasure (Cache). There are some caches around my area that we would like to find but unfortunately the terrain is way too difficult or too far for us to walk. This is not meant to be taken as a moan because we have found upto now 25 caches and we both use walking aids. I use crutches and my wife a walking stick.

Thanks for talking the time to read this. Your comments please.

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I tried to bear that in mind with my latest cache (where there are several routes, at least one of them provides easy access without steps or steep slopes).


Sadly, it's temporarily archived at the moment, but should be back up soon.



An it harm none, do what ye will


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I think each cache placed should have something special about it. Sometimes that will be an interesting location, or an interesting container, or some sort of puzzle to piece together; sometimes it will be the walk, or the view, or the challenging terrain and this will naturally exclude various cachers, be it because they are in a wheelchair, or use a stick, or they simply don't have the necessary rock climbing / scuba diving equipment.


IMHO, what is important is that people know what to expect in terms of accessibility before they leave the house. I know that Jeremy is working on a new set of icons which will include for example whether the cache is pram/wheelchair accessible, whether it's dog friendly etc. Hopefully these will become available with the "new look site" which should be coming soon.


So long as there are always some caches that are too hard for me, some which are too easy, and plenty which are just right, I'll be happy icon_smile.gif

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I have to say, for me it is the walk that counts as I like nothing better than getting my moneys worth out of my new hiking boots! I, like many cachers, enjoy a good challenging cache so we don't want to make all new caches "tame".


That said, I'm sure these new icons will be of great help: there should be no reason why you can't go caching just because you're in a wheelchair or have to use sticks.

I too would like to see an improved definition of the terrain rating or something similar, not for my own benefit (I'm lucky enough to be able to go pretty much anywhere) but so's I know if I can take my wheelchair-bound chum with me.


Neutiquam erro.

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