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Most counties to connect Atlantic to Pacific GC59480

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There is a legendary challenge out there, MaxB’s Golden Spike Contiguous County Challenge GC59480, that challenges you to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean with U.S. counties you have found a geocache in. I recon the path connecting Atlantic to Pacific with the fewest U.S. counties is 20, shown in yellow/light blue in the attached image. But what's the most U.S. counties?
Ground rules:
let's consider the counties in red as Pacific coast and green as Atlantic coast ( I don't know the checker's specific list)
1) If you pick a county that touches the coast again, it shortcuts your path and that becomes your new end/start.
2) If 3 counties all touch, the path that counts will shortcut the quickest way.
3) Any loops won't count. Sad days.
4) So instead, I recon a serpentine route like this will get the high score.
5) If corners are the only thing connecting 2 counties, let's say they don't touch. If they are either side of a single border, even for a small distance it counts as touching.
6) Ignore rivers, but your route can't cross Mexico, Canada, or across the great lakes.

Max county walk.jpg

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Here is a haphazard attempt I did and it has 1242 counties. That would be so so so much work and such an unusual layout of geocaching exploits. This is a foolish thought experiment to satisfy the "what if" that I'm sure has popped up in more heads that just mine.
Can you find any better? I'm sure you can.

To clarify, that is not the counties I've found in - that'd be crazy, that is my first guess at the longest route of counties connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic.

longest county path alternating 1242 counties.jpg

longest county path.jpg

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Fun! Looks like AZ you might get 1 more going to Gila Graham Pima Yuma  instead of Yavapai  & Maricopa



Wow MaxB has finds in 3143/3144 counties. Just one remote borough in Alaska missing. Wow

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Northern California you can get 1 more from Solano county to Tehama you have 3 counties but if you go Yolo Sutter Yuba Plumas. There are three different options to get the 4 there.


Thanks for the puzzle fun

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