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which gps unit


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Hi and welcome icon_smile.gif After using both the cheapest and most expensive garmin units, the yellow eTrex and the Silver Vista, I can honestly say that If your just using it for caching buy the cheapest, it will do the job perfectly well. Hope this helps, Dan.


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Something to bear in mind is that you may well want a data cable to connect the GPSr to a pc in order to upload co-ordinates directly into it. This may or may not come as standard. One cheaper unit, the Geko 101, can't be connected to a pc.


If you're only going to use it occasionally you might not be bothered about this facility, but if you want to enter a lot of waypoints it saves a lot of tedious key-pushing and eliminates the possibility of making mistakes when entering the co-ordinates.





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Have to say our Geko 201 has done us proud. I especially like the fact that the screen is recessed and protected by the casing of the device. Our data cable was a home build, slashing the costs dramatically, we got the connector from a source in the US, but I believe that there is a site over here offering them now.


Only one draw back of the Geko is the lack of mapping, but this have never caused us a problem with geocaching. Slight issue is it uses AAA batteries and people leaving "GPSr food" in caches always leave AA... nevermind, batteries are very cheap at the DIY superstores.


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We use two GPS's. A yellow eTrex and a Garmin GPS II+. We find the yellow etrex is better when you set off and it updates quicker but the other one is far better when you get close to the cache as it seems to be more accurate. We were a bit dissapointed with the yellow eTrex on that front.


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Last year I spent a lot of time looking for the ultimate GPs for caching. As a result we ended up with 4 GPS which is a lot more than 2 people need! Of the ones we have here are some thoughts:


Standard Yellow Etrex - all you need for finding a cache, robust, easy to use - works well.


Etrex Summit - as above but with mag compass. the mag compass became useful for the first time last week on a steep slope in the peak district. Sometimes you really dont want to walk about to get a fix!


GPSV - No mag compass but Mapping/autorouting along roads - which is great to get you to the cache site. Disadvantage is that it is not really deigned for walking with in the same way as the etrexes, also mapping is limited in the ammount of maps you can load in, depending on the areas you regularly cover this may or may not be a limitation.


Streetpilot III - in car navigation system that will get you to the parking with ease. Completly usless for out of car use (its huge & eats batteries).


I've never used any of the magellans but people seem to sware by them (not at them big_smile.gif).


Whatever you buy dont forget to allow for a cable and some rechargable batteries.





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Originally posted by Chris n Maria:

Etrex Summit - as above but with mag compass.

I think you mean electronic compass here? It specifically isn't magnetic, and requires calibration whenever you change the batteries.


I forgot to say that we use a Silva magnetic compass (14 quid-ish) in addition to the GPS. The GPS pointer is great when you're moving, but as Chris points out, sometimes you can't/don't want to move, either due to terrain or tree cover. You can use the GPS bearing + magnetic compass to head towards the cache.



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Like Chris n Maria, we too have worked our way through a number of GPS units as we have learned more about their features and capablilities. We have ended up owning two, the StreetPilot 3 (v. expensive but brilliant in the car) and a eTrex Vista for the open air work.


A basic yellow eTrex will do - but as pointed out, you have to add the cost of the cable to connect it to a PC. You will inevitably want to do this. This will then lead you to wanting to use the high definition mapping and route generation capabilities of the PC software. I ended up buying and selling my way through the range so, in short, you are better advised to go straight for the Legend or Vista units. Oh! Note that these two units come with a PC data cable in the box.


I also commend the handlebar mount for the eTrex if you like to cycle about. It makes cycling in the great unknown a real pleasure without having to constantly consult maps.


Sue & Bernie

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Originally posted by Adam & Lisa:

I personally think the Magellans beat the Garmins hands down for performance but I'm sure some would disagree.

I guess that debate will rage on forever and a day! I feel that either brand delivers all that a cacher needs and more, and once you've bought into a brand you get used to it and its interface, so the debate for me is similar to the Windows Vs Linux debate elsewhere.


Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some just grate

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I have been geocaching since March without a GPS and managed to find around 20 caches, but decided I needed to buy a GPS if I was going to continue the hobby. It seemed to me that others had several GPS models as their needs had increased so I decided not to go for the basic model and bought a Garmin Vista. It was either this or the Legend, but I settled on the Vista as it has a built in compass and altimeter (which are useful for hillwalking) as well as more megabytes. The Magellans are HUGE and I can't believe how light and small the Garmin is which is a high priority is you're going walking with it.

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Have a look at this thread in GPS UNITS AND SOFTWARE,

http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=7116058331&m=57060988 speculation on a new Garmin unit. I sent a email to garmin this morning, recieved this reply this afternoon.


Hi Dave,


We cannot give out any information on this product as the final specification has not yet been decided. We have not released any information onto the internet so all available information is not the official information on the unit. The only accurate information will be available from our website when the product is released.


Thanks for the enquiry




Paul Clarkson

Customer Sale Support Associate

Garmin (Europe) Ltd



If the actual specs are close to thoose speculated on, this will be the unit to wait for. Mancunian Pyrocacher


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