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Garmin eTrex vs. eTrex 10 vs. eTrex SE

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I am a returning geocacher and started off with the yellow and black Garmin eTrex. It worked well, was affordable, and simple to use. The only thing I felt it could do better with was the GPS accuracy. In most cases, I could only expect to get a fix that got me to within 15-30 feet of the intended target or cache.


I know the newer versions of the eTrex, notably the eTrex 10 and eTrex SE, have the ability to access other navigation satellite systems, like GLONASS. Does this mean these two newer models can get more accurate location fixes than the original eTrex that I already have?


Basically, the primary reason to upgrade to the 10 or SE would be to get more accurate location coordinates. If the 10 and SE are just as accurate as the eTrex, I think I'll keep my original GPS unit. Anyone here with advice or experiences concerning the coordinate accuracy of these models? Thanks in advance.

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The SE and Solar will be noticeably more accurate, however, that doesn't mean geocache coordinates are that accurate. If your current device is getting you within 15-30 feet,  you wouldn't want to upgrade for this reason alone. Some of their other features may make it worth an upgrade. 



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Interesting numbers, Atlas. Thanx.

Without digging down into ridiculous points of significance, it seems to uphold the widely-held lolklore that:
  * "3-5 meter" in the open and "10-15m under cover" guidelines that we've used with WAAS for 20+ years basically still hold water
  * that the SirfStar III chipset used in the 76SX and 60CSX is still a beast,  
  * That good phones have gotten quite good in recent years and cheap phones are cheap
  * Surveying equipment is amazing.

There's a bit of a ringer that eTrex 30 looks amazing ... until there's a tree in sight.

Did anyone else glean different/bitter generalizations from that?

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