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Mismatch Numbers of Actual Finds - Pocket Query vs Logs


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Not sure if this is an intended feature or an anomaly.


When I rediscovered geocaching, it was slow. Hence only 10 finds in the country of Switzerland. However when I created a pocket query for all finds in Switzerland with no other options deselected or selecte, it gave me nine. The missing one is an archived cache (found on 3 July 2023), but that should still show up in my pocket query as a downloadable zip file?

PS: As I said earlier, it took me a while to take up geocaching, hence I never got any find in the next 2 countries (East Asia). Ah well.

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Go to your Pocket Queries page, scroll all  the way to the bottom where it says "My Finds" and click the button that says "Add to Queue."  This special Pocket Query will include all your geocache finds, including finds on caches that are now archived.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks - and that's actually the result from my PQs once added. If I check my Logs from that time, I can count 10 (both active and archived).
To be more precise, 1 disabled, 8 current / active and 1 archived. I see all but not this archived cache.

I also ran similar PQs on my more recent finds (Australia) - and again, I don't see my finds generated - where these caches've been archived (and thus not visible at geocaching.com maps, only if I enter their GC.codes to bring these up manually). Perhaps that's an intended design feature - not showing archived caches onscreen, thus can't be PQ'ed as visible "finds"?

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