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Official app logout bug

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So I am in Scotland caching. Spotty connectivity, but I downloaded the caches I need. All good to go, right?




Today, in the middle of doing a cache with multiple waypoints with information to be collected at each, the official app decides to randomly log me out. No access to anything. Can't use the downloaded data I have. Nothing.  And connectivity is so bad I can't log in.


I was eventually able to log in about a half hour later. 


But seriously. How bad does an app have to be to do this? It's the third time on this trip I have been randomly logged out of the official app. 


I think it might be time to delete the official app and get something written by an organization that cares.

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1 hour ago, Viajero Perdido said:

I can't fathom why they decided that app needs to be logged in to function.  To download fresh data or upload a log, sure, but lots of caching can happen between those two steps many hours apart ... unless a design flaw gets in the way.

It's the same flaw that affects many smartphone apps, the assumption that the user is always online. This has been annoying me since I switched from a Palm PDA to a smartphone years ago. Palm PDAs worked great offline, because they were designed to work that way. Smartphones are a big step backwards in that regard. Few apps work well when you're offline, and many don't work at all.


If you look at it from the smartphone "always online" perspective, then it makes some sense. To access online systems, you need to be authenticated. If the app user is always going to be online, then the app user always needs to be authenticated.


The offline mode of Groundspeak's Geocaching app was clearly tacked onto an app that was designed with the "always online" perspective. To me, it makes perfect sense that it would require the user to be authenticated at all times. And unfortunately, this isn't a case of two "wrongs" making a "right".

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