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Air Mail Arrows List?

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I will be traveling from Fresno, CA to Rock Springs Wyoming later this fall. Looks like we will go north to Interstate 80 and head east.

For sure I will be going after: GC4QECZ Concrete Compass America's Lost History

which is one of the Air Mail Arrow caches and will be on the farthest point of our trip.

I have been looking unsuccessfully for a list of caches in the Airmail Arrow series, particularly along the San Francisco route.

Especially anything West of the above mentioned cache.

Is there a list of these caches somewhere?

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4 hours ago, Mockingbird559 said:

Thanks for more info. This will be helpful too I think. My main interest in asking was to find arrows where there is also a cache, which I didn't state clearly. MY trip will be sometime this fall. I should be able to find a few choice spots by them.

I've found one arrow with a cache, plus two others that were the remains of towers.  All in NV.  I'd really like to place a cache at the one just outside of Boise, ID, but it's gated off and I can't find a way to get there without driving through a lot of overgrown dirt roads.  I'd even take along the correct paint to get it back a bit to what it originally looked like.

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