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A funny thing happened...

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Last week, my lovely wife and I were on holiday in Dartmoor. We got 7 caches, which isn't bad given the changeable weather. I had spent most of the previous Friday afternoon finding and printing caches we might be interested in.


Last week, unbeknownst to me, my company launched a 'name and shame' list of 'web abuse'. A list of the top 20 websites was emailed around the entire company - the rank being chosen by number of hits.


Now... gc.com has all these little icons and buttons and things, each of which generates a hit. So, there at number 5 in the list was www.geocaching.com with 5800 hits.


Being the only cacher in the company, I admitted my guilt - but then things started to turn a little.


Obviously, when the list came out, the first thing people did was browse to the sites to see what they were all about. People have been coming up to me all day asking questions about caching. One guy is bringing in his mapping GPS PDA, which sounds pretty cool. Others are highly likely to give caching a go!


Maybe next week we'll get gc.com up to number 1. icon_biggrin.gif

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