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Galileo GetsGo Ahead....

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A multi-billion-euro European network of global satellites has been given the green light.

The Galileo system will provide precise navigational data for future car drivers, sailors and mobile phone users.


We now have a 'yes' for Galileo


Loyola de Palacio, EU Transport Commissioner

European Transport ministers agreed to go ahead with the project at a meeting in Brussels.


It will be a rival to the existing Global Positioning System (GPS) run by the United States, although the EU says the two networks will be compatible.



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Originally posted by dawnrazor:

I reckon that's excellent, anyone know what that will mean for the existing end-user hardware that we've all got ?


Either way its a good thing (imho).




According to the ESA web site, the satellites will be interoperable with the US GPS system and existing equipment will be able to use satellites from either system in any combination. It does say that to get the 1metre accuracy, you'll need a dual frequency receiver.


As the whole thing doesn't come on line until 2008, there is no immediate worry about what receiver we'll need.




We're going to need a bigger boat!

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