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Plugging the gaps on GeocacheUK

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Now that GeocacheUK has been officially recognised by Groundspeak as a partner site, it struck me that there is precious little on the site which actually describes geocaching! I think it's time to widen our scope and get more people involved, so that it really is the "UK site", not just the work of two or three people.


Historically, the site grew up as a collection of utilities aimed at relatively experienced geocachers, providing UK specific functionality which was missing from the worldwide site. To that end, we have the forums, the UK cache database, the image gallery etc and we are currently the largest UK distributor of Groundspeak merchandise. There is little overlap with GC.com as we want to supplement the features available there, not to duplicate them.


While geocaching.com is the definitive site for information about geocaching, both the language and the overall feel is, naturally enough, American. When people are looking for information about caching in the UK, one of the most complete resources currently available is the one provided by Robin, who is not active on geocaching.com, and therefore not best placed to fill such an important role. I would like to develop GeocacheUK into a gateway to geocaching in the UK, rather than a collection of utilities for UK geocachers.


Is there anyone else out there who'd like to give G:UK more of a community feel and who could help create some useful material for old and new cachers alike. Anyone who's read this far will realise that my skills are in computer programming, not writing concise and interesting prose, so we really do need your help!!!

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Excellent idea.


I did six years as a magazine editor so I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to knock out a few hundred words for the site.





Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout.....

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