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Pocket Query results are all wrong

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I joined as a premium member yesterday, mainly so I could download pocket queries in GPX format to my new HP iPaq. Trouble is, the results come back completely wrong. I have minimised my selection right down to just:


All types

50 caches

Country: United Kingdom

My latitude/longitude

100 miles radius.


I get nothing like the selection that GUK gives me from the interactive map. There are literally dozens and dozens of nearby caches that don't appear.


What could be going wrong please?




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Either allow for a lot more caches, or cut the radius way down. For instance, I have a query that selects:


Give me: 500

Types: Trad,Multi,Virtual,Letterbox,Event,Unknown,Webcam,CI/TO

That: I have not found AND that I do not own (Watch for gotchas in this one!)

Where: Countries U.K.

From Origin: Lat/Long N51 31/W0 4 Radius: 16 miles

EasyGPS eBook format, zipped


...and the last time it ran I got 81 caches inside 16 miles. You've asked for no more than 50 within a hundred miles. I don't quite know how it throws away entries once it's got to 50, but I wouldn't mind guessing it just stops searching, so you'll get the 50 oldest, or something equally useful..

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Hi Lazy Leopard,


I've tried what you suggested, and still get bizarre results. I get some caches as far as 500+ miles away! So, I decided to try your query, and it returned far more than 81 caches. There were hundreds, I can't count them, but could have been 500 perhaps? The GPX file when unzipped was 3 Mb!


Something must be wrong somewhere? Exactly how do you enter the Lat/Long figures? I've noticed that when I go back to a query to edit it, the Lat/Long figures have been cleared and I need to retype them. Might this be something to do with the problem, or does this always happen?


I have entered the figures as N 50 nn.nnn and W 3 n.nnn and also the exact way that you said you did your last one.


Thanks for your help,




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Just a thought... did you click the 'radio button' next to where you enter the co-ordinates and change it fron 'non selected' to 'lat/long'

I overlooked that the first time I ran a pocket query.



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As an aside, does anyone find it useful to be emailed the results of pocket queries, or would everyone be happier to download them straight from the web?


The reason I ask is that I may soon have to make all downloads on G:UK available only to premium members of geocaching.com. Whilst this is, of course, most unwelcome, one possible silver lining is that I'm hoping they'll agree that I can provide online GPX downloads. (I've also got friendlier search and view pages lined up!)


So, do I need to think about how to regularly email these files out (and all the email registration kerfuffle that'd entail), or would people just prefer to download what they want, when they want it?


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Personally I'd much prefer do just download them when I fancy... I've never understood why you can't do that now as per the .loc files.

I use the .gpx on a PDA. If a new cache is placed and I want to go straight out and find it then I can't use the .gpx on the PDA as I have to wait best part of 24 hours before the email arrives. Equally if I suddenly decide it's a nice day for a bit of caching and fancy doing an area that I don't already have the .gpx for, same applies.




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Hi Teasel,


I have one pocket query emailed to me in .gpx format everyday which I then save to my PDA so I always have the latest.


As you also know, I download four files auto from G:UK every night at 01:00.


I would prefer to auto download the .gpx files as these would then be put straight into the directory rather than me having to save the email attachment.


What is more important to me is the update times of the db on G:UK (we have discussed this before), but I understand the restriction that g.com have put on you.




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Originally posted by Pharisee:

Just a thought... did you click the 'radio button' next to where you enter the co-ordinates and change it fron 'non selected' to 'lat/long'



Hey John, you're not wrong! Thanks very much, I think I am sorted now..... but would love to be able to download them as and when from GUK: much more!


Cheers all for your help!




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