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[BUG] Error on search page when stepping through results of multiple Found By filters

Die Batzen

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When stepping through results of multiple Found By filters on search page, then all but one Found By filters get deleted.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to search page (https://www.geocaching.com/play/search)
  2. open Filters and add two or more cacher names to the Found By filter
  3. press Apply and note that all Found by filters are present
  4. on the results page, advance to page 2 (any other page will do)
  5. after the results are loaded only one Found By filter is present, all others vanished


... or simply use this results link https://www.geocaching.com/play/results?sort=foundDate&asc=false&fb=giacaches&fb=Frau+Potter&sa=1 and advance to page 2.


When stepping through the search results all Found By filters should be kept.

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Thank you for reporting this issue - we have known about this and worked on a fix. Please try logging out and back in again. 

Please know that some geocachers may also have privacy settings that interfere with the functionality of this tool and verify with friends what their settings are if this happens again. 

I brought this thread up to the engineers in-case they wanted to look further into your instance. 

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Thank you for your assistance!


I followed your advice and logged out and back in, but unfortunately the issue remains.

Also made sure that the privacy settings of the geocachers used for my tests don't interfere (their founds aren't hidden).


It happens in Firefox and Chrome (both up to date), also incognito mode doesn't help.

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