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[BUG] Inconsistent rendering of Markdown text formatting in logs.


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I recently logged a Challenge and wanted to put the list of qualifying caches in a monospaced table for neatness, so I enclosed the table in   backtick triples thus:-



Date      |GC code| D | T

The rendering on the log preview while I was writing the log showed the monospaced table I was hoping for.
When viewing the individual log ( https://www.geocaching.com/live/log/GL1C7N7VV ) it shows the monospaced table I was hoping for.

When viewing the log on the cache page ( https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5875N_the-loadsamoney-bonus-challenge-cache-ton-up ) it prints the leading and trailing backticks and the table is all proportionally spaced and so out of alignment.


There should be consistency across the site as to what is supported and how it's handled.



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