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Multiple solution puzzle checker

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I'm making a geocache that has different ways to solve it and will get different answers that all need to provide the final coordinates. Is there a puzzle checker that allows that functionality? geochecker.com and certitudes.org don't seem to, though they are both great at their normal functionality.

If you want to know the WHY behind this question, a friend and I are designing a collection of multi caches that would have different networks. Most are just one stage to next to next... to final. What about a branching style, a narrative choose your own adventure maze or similar. The juicy part is electives. Visit any 4 of these 6 waypoints, (or visit any 'N' of 'K' waypoints) to find the coordinates. Any 2 of 3 is easy - 3 chunks of the coordinates and each one is missing one chunk. A puzzle checker allowing multiple solutions could be programmed to accept a collection of different solutions, any mixture of the K waypoints. This not important to geocaching, more of a dumb pet project. We build strange things in Pocatello. It's like area 52 over here.

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So you want a checker that'll give coordinates if and only if >=N of M keywords are entered? If it's just N=1, Certitude should do by adding additional solutions. If N > 1, then I don't know of any ("approved") geochecker that offers this functionality --- it might be worth double-checking the "obscure" (at least in North America) ones like http://infin.ity.me.uk/CC.php, https://puzzle-checker.com/, and https://www.gc-apps.com/de/ though.


(There are, of course, complex mathematical techniques that achieve this. That is treading on puzzle territory though.)

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geotjek.dk supports this functionality, but I believe so does certitude. Both sites allow you to enter coordinates that aren't the solution, but lead to a response from the checker. I don't know if certitude allows you to place custom info in the response, but geotjek definitely does. I have done at least one puzzle similar to what you describe that used geotjek.

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1 hour ago, CheekyBrit said:

certitudes.org don't seem to


Please check again, because you have missed something. It takes time to learn all options. You can have separate checker link for every stage. You can have multiple "wrong" answers for each stage with feedback and you can use wildcards for all answers.


Of course this is not a tailored function for you special need, but generally, you should be able to construct your adventure with using all of these features.


Please note that using checker as the only source of coordinates with multi-caches is not always accepted. HQ has given mixed signals about this matter so you need to consult with you reviewer or change it to a mystery cache.

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