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Favorite geocaches

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What is your favorite geocache you have found please include the GC code so that others can find it I will include a list of favorite geocaches in this post for easy access


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That's a really tough question, as I've awarded 206 FPs over 11 years in the game and picking just one is a tall order given the wide range of awesome experiences they've provided. So instead I'll give a pick of my favourites in each cache category.


Traditional: For this I can't go past GC5KCMB The Goat House on Lord Howe Island. Just about everywhere is stunning on this island and the 450 metre rope-assisted climb up Mount Lidgbird to the Goat House cave, with its amazing views back over the island, was the stand-out highlight of my two visits there.




Multi: An epic amongst the epic multis in this part of the world has to be GC6HR8E At the Governor's Pleasure, a 16-stage historical tour of central Sydney. Even though I grew up in Sydney, there were plenty of surprises for me, capped with an awesome custom-made final container and the coveted Ticket-of-Leave.




Mystery: This is a tough choice with several most-worthy contenders but ultimately my pick is GC6T5PZ Hawkesbury Heights #8 Gentleman's Geometry. This had something of everything: head-scratching field puzzles, steep climbs, a kayak paddle, a long hike and, throughout it all, stunning river views with the final offering perhaps the stunningest. This one took me three trips spread over a couple of months to complete. None of my individual photos do it justice so this is a composite I stitched together:




Challenge: I've made this a separate category to mysteries as they really are quite a different experience. My pick here is GC6QQPE D2,4T Challenge (The Dutchman's Stern) which requires 24 finds each with a 2/4 D/T rating. From when it was published, it took me a year to qualify and not only were those qualifying finds some of the best caches I've done, the challenge cache itself, also a 2/4, was an awesome climb to a cliff-top vantage point looking down over the picturesque Congewai Valley.




EarthCache: Oh man, this is tough as there are three I really want to give it to, but at the end of the day I have to pick one and that is GC9Q2EZ Venus Tor. This is a long and in places steep hike above the Grose River valley in the Blue Mountains to a stunning rock outcrop (Venus Tor) and took me the best part of half a day to complete. It also took a lot of psyching up beforehand to convince myself I'd be able to manage the ledge traverse onto the Tor and up to GZ on top, but it turned out to be easier than I'd feared and was an exhilerating experience I won't forget in a hurry. On top of all that, the geology it showcases is also pretty fascinating and perhaps unexpected.




The other two that were such close runners-up are GCA9FJ2 Grand Canyon, also in the Blue Mountains, and GC8K5D1 Redhead: Into the Permian Age along the coast south of Newcastle.


Virtual: I had little trouble picking my favourite of these as GC7B6E4 Fortress. This is another epic hike in the Blue Mountains, this time to the top of the 70 metre high Fortress Canyon waterfall, done as a weekend trip away with a group of caching friends. Although there was too much water flowing after a week of rain to be able to safely climb into the rock pool on the ledge, it was still a great experience.




My thanks of course to the COs who made those caches possible, along with all the other great experiences that didn't quite make the cut. As for my favourite amongst these six, I really can't pick one.


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I list my favorites of my favorites on my profile, but it would be hard to narrow it down more than that.  

Narrowing caches down to a list is also hard because we live in different areas and have different ideas about what caches we particularly like.  Some like a hide, some the journey, some choose puzzles . . . It is one reason why I pay no attention to how many favorite points a cache receives.

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