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Help e-map and mapsourse UK

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Hi members

I have been out of touch as late, being a full time carer is no fun.

I have updated my e-map form the garmin web site all was OK, now do I have to update my mapsource, I'm using version 3.01 road and recreation Great Britain if so how as I could not see one for Great Britain only for USA


Ps hopefully this weekend i will go out and find my first cache, I've had my e-map for nearly a year now and it is about time I used it

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The Mapsource software is distinct from the actual maps. Just download the current version of Mapsource (4.09 at time of writing) from Garmin's web site and it'll work with your existing maps.


Before buying Mapsource for myself, I trialed a version kindly loaned to me by another geocacher. It came in the form of 3.something and an upgrade to 4.06 and I can tell you 4.06 is much better than any version 3 - definitely worth the upgrade.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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