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Do we need a UK Travel Bug graveyard?


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Having just put one of my TBs in the USA TB graveyard (because it was last seen in a US cache back in December and reported as no longer there soon after) I wonder if we need one for the UK as well?


I ask because I've lost at least one more TB in the UK (out of 4 released) and I know of one more that might be under threat of being lost to a non-cacher who happened upon a cache in which I'd placed a TB!


If we do need a Graveyard, can I set one up off my own bat, or will I need assistance in getting a suitable virtual cache approved?


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Originally posted by Morseman:

I wanted to put a photo in the description, but I think I need instruction on how to do that. Anyone got any advice?

I see you've already uploaded a photo, so all you need to do is edit the page, make sure the 'Yes. I am supplying the HTML.' box is ticked, and add this to the description:




The width and height bits aren't necessary, but they make it format the page correctly while the image is loading.


You'll also need to add

at the end of each paragraph, or it will all run together.




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Originally posted by MarcB:

Interesting place in the country to put it! Any reasons...?




No other reason than I had to put "something" in (in fact I've also asked on G:UK if there's a way of having a locationless site) so the prime meridian and a Lat that was near me seemed appropriate. icon_biggrin.gif


I'll update the cache with the suggested HTML script. Thanks for the advice everyone.


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Originally posted by SimonG:

You'll also need to add

at the end of each paragraph, or it will all run together.

The correct syntax is

the text of the paragraph



more text is also correct.


Note that with HTML 4.0 you should use lower case for your tags. Note also that you can usually omit the

although it is technically illegal. Note also, also if you put align="right" in the img tag you can get the text to flow around the photo.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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Well we already have a Travel Bug Clink ;-) hehe


Is this where they go when they are set free after there life sentence from Evil Professor Sean? icon_biggrin.gif



One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them!




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