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Geocaching on TV

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I know this was mentioned here in the fora several years ago when it was first on TV, but I'm bringing it up again because I just saw it.


Standup comedian Jonny Harris, who appears on the Canadian Broadcasting Company's 'Murdoch Mysteries' as Constable George Crabtree also has another show. In 'Still Standing' he visits Canada's small towns and cities under stress; maybe the mining company shut down operations, the local logging industry dried up, they built a highway that bypasses the town, all the young people moved away, etc.


He spends a week getting to know the town and its people, then does a stand-up show for the residents, highlighting the positives in the town and what they're doing to cope. In other words, why the town is "Still Standing".


The show's great. I just reached Season 4, Episode 4 where he's in Wilberforce, Ontario, the (falsely) self-proclaimed 'Canadian Capitol of Geocaching'. Funny as hell. We watch it on Amazon Prime; it's available here in the US through other services, too.


The Internet Movie Database lists this episode as Season 4, Episode 7, but on Prime it's Episode 4. So, look for the TOWN of Wilberforce, not the Episode number.


THEN, look at this: https://coord.info/GC75ZPT


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41 minutes ago, rosebud55112 said:

I have only a few Canadian cache finds, including exactly zero in Ontario, so I need to ask: what makes the Wilburforce claim a false one?


Ha! For the answer to that, you should see the episode, if you can.


If you have no way to see it, message me.

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Any place saying they're "the capital" or relative 'best' of anything, especially worldwide, is a pretty self-exalting claim.

However, Wilberforce is filled with very highly creative and well-made and maintained caches; but "Disneyland of Geocaching" was already taken :P

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