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New traveler / hitchiker !

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As we spend a lot of time in France, WE are checking this out.


Its basically a French travel bug, that you print your own "dog tags" and the site provides a free ID number.


It looks quite well organised, the only problem, is if it steps on any toes.


As they use Geocaching to provide the "travel stops" They probable shoud get permission from Jeremy, which I don't know if they have done.


We have joined as we want to promote more caches in France.


I expect this has been mentioned on the main forums, but we tend only to read UK.


Tech-no notice

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I don't mean to criticise the content of the site. It was just spoilt for me by the hundreds of pop-ups that appeared.


One of the ones I closed by reflex before reading it properly was the "select your language" one which didn't help me much due to my shameful inability to read French well enough.




The second ten million caches were the worst too.


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It don't use Geocaching to provide the "travel stops". I just permit to add a link to the "travel stops".

I can be Geocaching or another... It's just a link ;-)


2 pop-ups :


First : opened by ulimit... Sorry i don't have any money for a domaine name ;-(


Second : The pop-up announce the second language of the site... I cancel it soon ;-)


RedRégis - http://www.geolutins.fr.st

or http://www.kikankoi.com/geolutins (only one pop-up) ;-)

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I have a Geolutin at my side right now......I picked him up from a cache in Gran Canaria...took ages to log on the site cos , yes.....I don't read French icon_biggrin.gif I hope to send him on his way this weekend, weather permitting......sod it, I'll go caching in the rain anyway icon_wink.gif





I'm SURE I can get the car closer!

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