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Children in Need


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It is getting near to that time of year again. I would like to get views on running another countrywide Fox Hunt for Children in Need. This year we would be trying to visit all BBC TV & Radio Stations in the UK over the weekend. As last year we would start on the Friday evening the week before CIN night and would finish a week later on CIN night. I am also looking for someone to tag along for the ride as well anyone intrested email me at mark@geocacheuk.com


Mark (TheCat)




[This message was edited by TheCat on August 28, 2003 at 03:36 PM.]

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I hope you dont mind the small advert but the cache has now been aproved and the waypoint for it is GCGRGB. I will update the cache details as the date draws nearer. If you are intrested in catching the fox please post a note on the cache page it will help with the planning. Oh one last thing I will be visiting Northan Ireland this time as well.


Mark (TheCat)



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Due to a post by Moss Trooper in these forums entitled Vent My Spleen and his posting on GAGB the Children in Need event this year will not be taking place as I am getting fed up of the sniping GC:UK continues to get. Have no fear the CIN Charity will be getting a donation from a non geocaching event I will organize here in Yorkshire. This is not a descision I have taken lightley but I have taken it. I will inform the BBC in the morning that the event is off and will archive the cache now.If you like fox hunting the please try to visit the one being run by Team Tate as this is the last time the telemetrics unit I have will be loaned out.


Mark (TheCat)



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Please reconsider. AFAIK the Children in Need event is nothing to do with either GAGB or G.UK.


Don't allow this squabble to disrupt what is a very worthwhile fund-raiser and one that gave geocachers all over the UK a great deal of fun and enjoyment last year.





Knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout.....

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We were looking forward to this... shame it seems it's off now... please reconsider.


Not wanting to take any sides in the GC.COM/GAGB/GC:UK saga, but it's a pitty that:


a: All 3, who are promoting this game, can't put aside the squabbles and start pulling in the same direction.

b: Events such as this are the casualties.


We feel that GC.com are doing a wonderful job here, that GC:UK is an excellent resource, and that GAGB has the potential to become a voice for all of us.


On the political side though, and bringing in that "democracy" thing, how can Moss not be allowed to stand for committee BEFORE the first committee has been elected... therefore, before GAGB exists in any real form other than a website? I may have gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick here, but I'd have thought that an approver would be a great asset to the committee as it would mean that GAGB's voice was being heard by the powers that be, and that we'd have less squabbles on here as differences could be resolved within that committee, not out here in public.

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It's a huge shame, especially as TheCat seems to be taking this action in response to the comments of one person. It's not as if he'd taken a huge battering like the founders of the GAGB did...


However, what matters most is that CIN will not suffer, as TheCat is going to sort something else out instead - well done him. Perhaps those of us who agree that it's a shame should make a donation to CIN anyway...




A member of the Geocaching Association of Great Britain

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Mark, I back Alex's plea to reconsider.

Moss, I've had a lot of time in the past for your opinions but here I think there are two different issues. GAGB and G:UK should be complementary as they serve (will serve) different functions and the less personal sniping between the supporters of each the better for all of us. Neither is faultless but both should be tolerant.


Happy to be member of GAGB and user of GeocacheUK

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FWIW I'm not going to get involved in the arguement, but in light of the cacnellation of the CIN event, I would like to say this:


I am still going to give my donation to CIN. I see no reason as to why I shouldn't. I am also going to ride to the local BBC centre as I promised I would.


So I won't have the thrill of the chase, nor the rather distinct possibility that I will miss Mark at the designated coordinates, but no doubt I'll still have a fair bit of fun, and CIN will still get my money, and that's surely what really matters at the end of the day?


That is all.



"There's Sparticus. That's him, over there."

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For those that have sent me emails about the CIN Event I thank you. Some of these have been from well established cachers that I have alot of time for and respect. After much thought I have decided to reinstate the CIN Event. Eckington will un-archive the cache when he can. No matter what happens in the debate re GC:UK and GAGB I will not pull it again. In hindsight I was wrong to pull it and there was no excuse for so doing. But I was so angry last night Once again I apologise for my actions it will not happen again. Thank you all.


Mark (TheCat)



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I would like to publicly thank Mark for taking the action he has.


It takes a big bloke to say the things he said in his last post and I will be delighted to unarchive the cache.


The real winners here will be the folks that stop the fox, and the kids who will benefit from this.


Mark, Thanks Kidder!!!!



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Wonderful news, Mark.


I can understand why you did what you did, and I can also understand why you have changed your mind about it.


I respect a person who is prepared to have their opinion changed on production of a good, reasoned, persuasion.


No trees were harmed during the production of this posting, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced....

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We are dead chuffed with this event being on -thanks to Cat.Also thanks to Cat and Teasle for their great site which we constantly use.We must say that we find it so easy to check on trig points and also to be able to find nearby

caches (due to a very good relationship with our American cousins from what we understand).In fact at the moment we find this site superior to the GAGB site.We realise they serve very different purposes.We get a general feeling that the work put into Cat and Teasles site(and also the money!)is not as well appreciated as it should be-please prove us wrong!!As for Moss, what a great guy -it was a pleasure to meet you up in Alston.Wehope to see an amicable end to all this icon_smile.gificon_smile.giffrog.gif

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