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18th May Chichester Get Together

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Hi All,


The Targett Family and myself have decided to organise a little get together for people to meet each other :-)


Details are


Sunday 18th May 2003

The Selsey Tram (N 50°49.440 W 0°47.264)

12 - 3 Any time during

Child friendly pub, food available


Everyone is welcome to come down for a chat :-)


We decided to go for a pub in case of bad weather.


No caches, just chatting :-)



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Double bummer - it's school sponsored walk that day - oh well, maybe the next one . . .

Thanks for organising it anyway all of you.






Don't you think that sooner or later someone will notice that its a mobile phone not a GPS your using???

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icon_smile.gif - I will put this one in my diary. I want to hit some caches in this area so I will make a day of it. I'll pop in for an hour or two and then hit the road to do some more caches.






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Originally posted by The Targett Family:

Hi there just wanted to say, the Chichester Meeting is going to be running a Travel Bug race on the day. Click here for the http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/chimeet/



http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/webimages/geoc/GEOC.gif | http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/logo.gif


I'd been hoping to organise a round-britain TB race, but just haven't had the time to do it, so I'm VERY glad you're doing this.


My original idea was to let anyone set off a TB from ANYWHERE in UK, making it travel around the UK and back to it's "home cache".... maybe you could incorporate that idea into your race, so others from further away (and who can't make the meet) can also join in?


We have a TB (with a proper TB tag too) ready to race: Silvester the Cat... it could be fun if someone else could find a "Tweety Pie"!!!


See you at the meet!!




Noone in their right mind would place a cache THERE....

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Just to let you all know that we have managed to get sponsorship for the Travel Bug Race from Lynks Cables UK with a first prize of a £40 voucher with them :-)


(Thanx to Paul Blitz for the introduction)


We are also are negotiating a second prize with another company, so get your TBs in for the race.


A reminder of the race rules can be found here.



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We would love to be there, but will be stuck in Weymouth at a 60th/retirement party for my mum and will hopefully be slightly worse for wear on the Sunday. Will definitly be at Winchester tho.



Team Tate


Remember - if it's moving, it's not dead...

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I have decided to attend the event as I am in the process of making a video guide for geocachers in the UK I will be in the area Saturday & Sunday so if you want to be involved in the video please let me know by email mark@geocacheuk.com


Mark (TheCat)



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Just an update I will still be in the area but on the Saturday I will be with Dan & Pid videoing there particular type of geocaching for the video. I am sure it will involve a bit of night caching :-) So I may be a little tired by the time I arrive at the event.


Mark (TheCat)



Officially recognized by Groundspeak and Geocaching.com

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new.gifRegister Your Travel Bug Nownew.gif


If you are entering your TB in the race and bringing it to the meeting, please register it for the race now.


To do this, create a Note in the log and leave your TB here.


Please also send a picture of your Travel Bug to woodsmoke@jast.co.uk so that it can be added to the web site. If you can't, don't worry as we will be able to register TBs and take pictures at the meeting.



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WoodSmoke and The Targett Family would like to remind people that everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY, is welcome to come and meet other geocachers at this get together.


We look forward to meeting you all and having a good old face to face chat.


We do hope that all those who originally planned to come do still make it :-)




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Originally posted by Krazy Kats:

I am looking forward to meeting other Geocachers on Sunday


We look forward to meeting you too :-)


but I hope the atmosphere won't be anything like the forums currently!


Not a chance................we are all gonna get drunk and have a big punch up :-)




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Grow up



Fiddo, have I in someway rattled your cage?


If your having a go at me for suspecting that Gunthers remarks are intended to promote yet more antagonism on here, this time aimed at G:UK (See the new poll)then please point out to me why my previous post was in error rather than just spout "grow up" - surely you can do better?


We take our children everywhere, but they always find their way back home...

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I'm confused now! icon_confused.gif

I wasn't having a go at G:UK ('cos basically i'm a big fan of the site)

I was merely asking Gunther why he was!

never mind.


Still as Woodsmoke points out it does keep his topic at the top of the list, & serves as a reminder that it's this weekend.

(I wish we could go as i'm dying to meet some other cachers, but I have a stag do on the Saturday night & don't expect to be in any fit state to do anything on Sunday icon_smile.gif)


We take our children everywhere, but they always find their way back home...

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Originally posted by TheCat:

I will also donate a prize for your event a new geocacheuk.com T-Shirt.


Thanx Mark :-)


Your offer is greatly received :-)


Are you also bringing a car full of stuff to sell?


I for one want a t-shirt(FB), some stickers and Travel Bug tags?




Logo5.gif GeocacheUK - useful resources for the UK Geocaching community

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Juat added another TB: Woodys World Jnr! Once he's been reunited with Dutch Courage, he'll be on his way again! icon_biggrin.gif

By the way, I'll be bringing a digital camera so Targett Family, if you'd care to accompany me to the tree by Towpath Tootle I'll let you take a snap to prove I hugged it!! icon_razz.gif

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We were hoping to attend but it now looks unklikely icon_frown.gif . My Dad's PC has gone t**s up and I've arranged to go round Sunday to rebuild the software - thanks Mr. Gates icon_mad.gif. Hope you have a good day and hopefully we'll meet up with you either 'in the woods' or at the Winchester bash. Enjoy .....


motley. adj. varied in appearance or character.

crew. n. group of people.

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Thnx Omally


Hey all thnx for turning, HI the all thanx for turning up and Thnx for all your words of encouragement about the Bash you emailed to me. WoodSmoke and myself really appreciate it.


The UK TB Race is on it’s way and we have had TB moved on a logged, take a look @ the leader board.


I am thinking of Dumping this thread now the bash is said and done, and starting a new one for the UK TB Race, what do you all think?


The Leader board has been updated now why not take a look !!!


Thnx again The Targett Family


GEOC.gif | tbrace.jpg

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A great big thanks to The Targett Family and Wood Smoke for organising the bash. It was nice to see so many people there.


Paul And Judith


Oh yeah - handy hint for finding caches:- If you have fiddled with the GPSr to see what else it can do before setting off on a days caching, make sure you set the datum back to WGS84 - otherwise you end up in someones garden! icon_rolleyes.gif

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