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wheelchair users?

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I'm really new to Geocaching, only done two caches so far and both quite near to home.

How many wheelchair users out there would get great satisfaction in finding a cache?

I bet there are loads.

I only ask because my wife is wheelchair bound and she thinks I'm totaly mad going off in search of tin boxes full of silly things. When I tell her of the comments cachers leave in the notebooks and where they have travelled from just to find these things, she is amazed. I reckon she would love finding her own caches.

Is there any mileage in starting to place cache "badges/signs/markings/codes" or whatever on accessable walks of which I'm sure there are plenty. Less able bodied folk could track them down in much the same way with their GPS's.

Caches could be listed on the main site as per "normal" caches but with a specific symbol denoting ease of access.

I know my wife would love to work out a cryptic code to help her on her way.

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Many thanks for a brilliant new hobbey, long may we Cache!

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icon_smile.gifWelcome and I'm so glad you're enjoying this sport. I can highly recommend this cache - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=56644 which is in West Yorkshire. I'm unsure of your area but I've recently placed a wheelchair friendly microcache in South Yorkshire.


I think your suggestions are great and for one, am off to make a note on my own cache that it is in fact wheelchair friendly.


I hope your wife and yourself enjoy this sport, it has much to offer.




~ Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own Canoe ~


~ We can't run away for ever ... but theres nothing wrong with getting a good head start ~

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Hello and welcome..


A class 1/1.. easy to find and get to should really be wheel chair friendly..


Terrain 1 should allow a wheel char access to the cache. give or take a few feet.. after that the difficulty can be up to 5.. but then again.. don't want to make it too easy icon_smile.gif


Moss the Boss... Sorta

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A couple of suggestions. Although not everyone likes them, locationless caches offer disabled cachers the chance to get finds. Some are straight forward places to visit, some require some working out such as where you might want to get to first, ( A Pair of Quintuplets ), and some require you to join forces with a foreign cacher by e-mail/through the forums first before jointly finding a specific location in each thers country. ( What's in a Name ) If your wife could log a find with another disabled cacher abroad I'd bet money that would probably be a first.


I will run through the logs I have made and see how many "real" caches I remember as wheelchair friendly and e-mail you the reults as posting long lists of caches here won't be too popular.


Oh, and by the way, welcome to you both.


Note to Teasel or The Cat. New search category for the GeocacheUK site? Wheelchair friendly caches. You'll obviously need input from cache owners to flag up which are appropriate. Yep, more work for you of course but then you'd probably only be sat there twiddling your thumbs if we didn't all keep coming up with these suggestions. icon_wink.gif


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.

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